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Explore the flexibe barcode reading settings to optimize for your specific usage scenario.


Try the most popular web scanner features: scan images, import local images and PDF files, edit, save to local, upload to database, and etc.


Transform any camera-equipped devices into real-time, browser-based barcode and QR code scanners.


Detects the machine-readable zone of a passport, scans the text, and parses into human-readable data.




  • Dynamsoft Does Not Use Log4j Anywhere

    In the last few days we had several customers reaching out with concerns over the Log4Shell exploit (CVE-2021-44228). We want to inform you all that Dynamsoft is not using Log4j in any of our products, demos, samples, or anywhere else on our websites. Rest assured that Dynamsoft is an ISO...

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  • How to run Dynamsoft Document Imaging Plugins in Chrome 32 or Later

    Chrome has gained over 60% of market share worldwide. So, how to enable interaction with document scanners in Chrome? Scan Documents in Chrome v32 to v44 with Dynamsoft’s NPAPI Plugin At the end of year 2013, Google announced that Chrome would be phasing out support for NPAPI plugin in 2014....

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  • Scan Barcode and QR Code From PDF Files

    Accurately capturing data from paper forms can be extremely challenging. Re-keyed-paper-based-form data not only is human-intensive, it’s also error-prone. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can help reduce the amount of human involvement. However, it still requires some human supervision to ensure the data capture process is done correctly.  QR Code has...

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  • Scan Multiple Barcodes and QR Codes at Once

    Multiple barcode scanning is time-efficient in various scenarios, such as shipping labels, supermarket price tags, inventory counting, etc. It greatly speeds up the barcode scanning process and streamlines the workflow. Depending on different use cases, the count of barcodes in one image can vary from a few to dozens. And...

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  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v8.8 Brings 1D Barcode Detection Speed to the Next Level

    No matter you believe it or not, the 1D barcode detection speed of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v8.8 is more than 2x faster than the previous version. If you need the best barcode SDK ever, do not hesitate to upgrade the SDK version. Download DBR v8.8 License Activation Get a 30-day FREE...

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  • How to Scan Documents in PHP Applications

    How to interact with TWAIN scanners in a PHP Application PHP is a popular server-side language and it cannot interact with document scanners attached to client computers directly. With the continued growth of digitization of documents, scanning capabilities are important in PHP environments. To implement document scanning in your PHP web...

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  • Faster Recognition and Word Spelling Correction with Dynamsoft Label Recognizer 2.0

    We have been cultivating a long-time interest in the field of optical character recognition (OCR). Today, we are excited to announce Dynamsoft Label Recognizer 2.0, which is revolutionary to version 1.0 in its ability to detect and recognize text in images. Download DLR v2.0 Highlighted Features Dynamsoft Label Recognizer 2.0...

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  • Scan Documents in Internet Explorer and Edge Browsers on Windows 10

    Enable Web TWAIN scanning in IE and Microsoft Edge browsers on Windows 10 Window 10 comes with two internet browsers - Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and Edge. Many customers inquire how Dynamic Web TWAIN works with the browsers on Windows 10. In short, Dynamic Web TWAIN fully supports browser-based document scanning...

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  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader V8.6 is Here

    We are happy to announce the release of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK v8.6. The new version comes with two DeblurMode Enumerations to support more usage scenarios, improved confidence calculation algorithm, and more. Take a look at all the major highlights!  Improved 1D Barcode Reading Accuracy  Improved the confidence algorithm, which...

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  • What's New in Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v8.4

    We are thrilled to announce the release of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v8.4, which is now available for download. We always apply the latest imaging technologies to improve the decoding accuracy and speed for various barcode types that we support. This version significantly reduced the decoding time of high-density QR Codes...

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