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Release Notes - JavaScript 3.x

3.3.10 (02/05/2024)



  • Fixed the problem of not being able to open the camera in the WebView of HarmonyOS.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS 17 where reopening the camera after leaving the browser might fail.

3.3.9 (12/06/2023)


  • Added cameraOpenTimeout to control the maximum time allowed for opening a selected camera.


  • Updated the resolution selection drop-down box to make it more intuitive.
  • Updated setZoom() to support Safari on iOS 17.x.


  • Fixed an issue with unstable video streaming upon opening the camera on iOS 17.x.
  • Fixed an issue when refreshInterval is greater than 0, the buffer is refreshed during each loopInterval, instead of when refreshInterval is reached.

3.3.8 (10/12/2023)


  • Fixed an issue that may cause an error when using WebGL to fetch images on iOS 16.7 and iOS 17.

3.3.7 (10/11/2023)


  • Fixed an issue where incorrect data was retrieved when fetching grayscale images or fetching images by ‘context2d’.

3.3.6 (09/13/2023)


  • Updated the API singleFrameMode to allow direct camera access on mobile devices.


  • Fixed an issue that may cause an extraneous input element to appear on Safari in iOS 16.

3.3.5 (08/02/2023)


  • Fixed an issue where TypeScript 5 cannot locate the declaration file when importing package.


  • Added API isPaused() to check if the video stream is paused.


  • Refined the default camera selection logic on iOS, enhancing the scanner’s functionality. When Safari supports it, the scanner will now default to auto-switch-triple-camera, ensuring improved support for Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto scenarios.
  • Modified convertToPageCoordinates() and convertToClientCoordinates() to return decimal results directly instead of rounded results.

3.3.4 (04/17/2023)


  • Fixed a bug that the ScanRegionMask and ScanRegionLaser might disappear when the camera is re-opened.
  • Fixed a bug that the Resolution might be changed when the method getResolutions() is triggered.

3.3.3 (04/11/2023)


  • Fixed a bug that led to a wrong camera being selected as the default camera when used on a device running iOS 16.4.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the scan region mask or the decorator to randomly appear and disappear when swiping the screen in Safari on iOS.

3.3.2 (04/04/2023)


  • Added method convertToPageCoordinates() to convert the coordinates on image frames to coordinates on the HTML page.
  • Added method convertToClientCoordinates() to convert the coordinates on image frames to coordinates within the application’s viewport (usually it means the browser window).


  • When open() is called, if there is no camera or the access is denied, an error is thrown right away (previously the error is thrown after a while).

3.3.1 (02/20/2023)


  • Fixed a bug where tapping to focus the camera could go beyond the camera’s supported range.

3.3.0 (02/09/2023)


  • The DrawingLayer is placed over the scan region mask.


  • Fixed a bug where resuming a video is not “resuming” but “replaying”.
  • Fixed a bug where tip continues to show up after hideTip() is called.
  • Fixed a bug in Safari where video may stop playing when the web page’s visibilityState changes to “visible” from “hidden”.

3.2.0 (12/13/2022)


  • Introduced the Tip feature with the new methods showTip(), hideTip(), updateTipMessage() and an event onTipSuggested.
  • Added method deleteDrawingLayer() to delete an existing DrawingLayer.
  • Added method clearFrameBuffer() to remove all buffered image frames.
  • Added methods getZoomSettings(), resetZoom(), getFocusSettings(), enableTapToFocus(), disableTapToFocus() and isTapToFocusEnabled() for better camera control.
  • Added method testCameraAccess() to help test the availability of cameras.


  • The method setZoom() now accepts an object as zoom settings.
  • The method setFocus() now accepts an object as focus settings.

3.1.0 (10/20/2022)


  • Added methods getZoom(), getColorTemperature(), getExposureCompensation() for better camera control.
  • Added the “Note” feature to DrawingItems to allow extra information to be added to them for timely interation. Related methods include addNote(), getNote(), hasNote(), updateNote(), deleteNote(), getNotes(), and clearNotes().
  • Added methods setAttribute() and getAttribute() to DrawingItems to allow the change and retrieval of their properties.
  • Added methods on() and off() to DrawingItems to allow binding and unbinding of event listeners to the events mousedown, mouseup, dblclick, mouseover, mouseout (the last three don’t work on mobile devices).


  • The method setZoom() now uses both the camera and WebGL, so it works on all browsers and devices.
  • The method getDrawingItems() now accepts a filter function to allow the returning of only a selected few of all DrawingItems on the DrawingLayer.
  • The property isDisposed has been deprecated in favor of disposed.
  • The property frameColorMode has been deprecated in favor of framePixelFormat.
  • The field name colorMode has been deprecated in favor of pixelFormat in the interface DCEFrame.
  • The DrawingItem Type DT_Text now has a fixed width and the text within is wrapped.
  • The DrawingItem Type DT_Text now allows line breaks (\n) and tabs (\t) in the content of the text.
  • When playing a static video, the camera selection and resolution selection boxes are hidden.

3.0.1 (08/04/2022)

  • Fixed a bug where the scan region mask and/or other shapes drawn on the UI were not updated when the view changed to landscape from portrait or vice versa on mobile devices.

3.0.0 (07/27/2022)



  • Added callback onWarning which is triggered when the running environment is not ideal.
  • Added property isDisposed to indicate whether the CameraEnhancer instance has been disposed.
  • Added method offAll() to remove all event handlers from the specified event. If no event is specified, remove all event handlers.
  • Added method removeScanRegionOverlayCanvas() to remove the specified Canvas element which was added with addScanRegionOverlayCanvas().

The following APIs are for the new feature of drawing shapes. Read more on Draw Shapes with DCE JS.

  • Added type DrawingItem to define basic shapes to be drawn.
  • Added class DT_Rect, DT_Arc, DT_Text, DT_Line, DT_Polygon, DT_Image, and DT_Group to define different shapes of DrawingItem.
  • Added interface Point to describe the vertices when constructing objects of DT_Line and DT_Polygon.

  • Added interface DrawingLayer to organize items.
  • Added method createDrawingLayer() to create a DrawingLayer object.
  • Added method getDrawingLayer() to get the DrawingLayer specified by its ID.
  • Added method clearDrawingLayers() to remove all DrawingLayer objects.

  • Added interface DrawingStyle to customize styles for drawing DrawingItems.
  • Added method createDrawingStyle() to create a DrawingStyle object and return its ID.
  • Added method getDrawingStyle() to get the DrawingStyle specified by its ID.
  • Added method getDrawingStyles() to get all DrawingStyle objects.
  • Added method updateDrawingStyle() to update a DrawingStyle specified by its ID.

  • Added method setOriginalImage() to set an original image to be drawn on a built-in canvas above which shapes are drawn usually based on coordinates of certain objects found on this image by other SDKs such as barcode locations found by DBR.
  • Added method getOriginalImage() to return the original image.
  • Added method showOriginalImage() to show the built-in canvas on which the original image is drawn.
  • Added method hideOriginalImage() to hide the built-in canvas on which the original image is drawn.
  • Added method deleteOriginalImage() to delete the original image and remove the built-in canvas that shows it.
  • Added method getSelectedDrawingItems() to get the selected DrawingItems which will be helpful in further processing of the original image by another SDK. For example, the DrawingItem may refer to the boundaries of the region of interest that the user wishes to crop from the image.

On the DrawingLayer interface:

  • Added method addDrawingItems() to add one or multiple DrawingItems.
  • Added method getDrawingItems() to return all DrawingItems.
  • Added method removeDrawingItems() to remove one or multiple DrawingItems.
  • Added method setDrawingItems() to set new DrawingItems which means old DrawingItems will be removed.
  • Added method hasDrawingItem() to determine whether a DrawingItem exists on this DrawingLayer.
  • Added method clearDrawingItems() to remove all DrawingItems from this DrawingLayer.
  • Added method setMode() to switch the DrawingLayer between editor and viewer mode.
  • Added method getMode() to get the current mode the DrawingLayer is in.
  • Added method getId() to return the ID of the DrawingLayer.
  • Added method setDrawingStyle() to use different DrawingStyles on the DrawingLayer.
  • Added method setVisible() to show or hide the DrawingLayer.
  • Added method isVisible() to return whether the DrawingLayer is visible.
  • Added method renderAll() to redraw all DrawingItems.
  • Added event onSelectionChange() to listen on the selection or deselection of DrawingItems on the DrawingLayer.

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