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The following diagram shows how sections connect to each other to form tasks:

flowchart LR;
     A[1.Region Pre-Detection]-->C[2.1.Shared Detection]
     C---D[2.2.Barcode Localization]
     C---E[2.2.Text-line Localization]
     C---F[2.2.Document Detection]
     D---G[3.Barcode Decoding]
     E---H[3.Text-line Recognition]
     F---I[3.Document Normalization]
     style E fill:#f96,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px

In this article, we’ll discuss the section Text-line Localization which is the product-specific part of the 2nd section of a “Recognize-Text-Lines” task.

The 2nd section of a “Recognize-Text-Lines” task consists of Shared Detection and Text-line Localization.

Section 2.2 - Text-line Localization

The purpose of this section is to detect the exact locations of text-lines.

Constituting Stages

This section consists of only one stage:

  • Text-line-locating: to find the exact locations of the text-lines.

Output and Parameters

Stage Intermediate Result Type Related Parameter

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