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LabelRecognizerTaskSetting Object

The LabelRecognizerTaskSetting object is used to configure settings for a label recognition task to be performed on certain regions of interest (ROIs) in an image.

    "Name" : "dlr_task_default",
    "TextLineSpecificationNameArray" : ["tls_default"],
    "DictionaryPath" : "",
    "DictionaryCorrectionThresholds" : [
        "MaxWordLength" : 256,
        "MinWordLength" : 3,
        "Threshold" : 1
    "StringLengthRange" : [3,200],
    "StringRegExPattern" : "",
            "Section": "REGION_PREDETECTION",
            "ImageParameterName": "ip_dlrDefault"
            "Section": "TEXT_LINE_LOCALIZATION",
            "ImageParameterName": "ip_dlrDefault"
            "Section": "TEXT_LINE_RECOGNITION",
            "ImageParameterName": "ip_dlrDefault"
    "StartSection": "REGION_PREDETECTION",
        "Section": "REGION_PREDETECTION", 
        "Stage": "IRUT_GRAYSCALE_IMAGE",
    "MaxThreadsInOneTask" : 4,
    "BaseLabelRecognizerTaskSettingName" : "",

Example 1 – Parameters of LabelRecognizerTaskSetting

Summary of LabelRecognizerTaskSetting top-level parameters

Parameter Name Description
Name Represents the name of the LabelRecognizerTaskSetting object, which serves as its unique identifier.
TextLineSpecificationNameArray Represents the collection of text line specification object names, used to refer to the TextLineSpecification objects. It is used to define the recognition settings for the text lines.
DictionaryPath Sets the path of the dictionary file.
DictionaryCorrectionThresholds Sets the threshold of dictionary error correction.
StringLengthRange Sets the range of string lengths for concatenated strings of recognized text lines.
StringRegExPattern Specifies the regular expression pattern for concatenated strings of recognized text lines.
SectionImageParameterArray Sets image parameters for three different sections, where each section performs image processing stages with different parameters.
StartSection Indicates which Section the task will start executing from.
TerminateSetting Indicates where the task stops, specifically indicating a Stage under a certain Section.
MaxThreadsInOneTask Represents the maximum number of parallel threads that can be used on a single task.
BaseLabelRecognizerTaskSettingName Represents the name of another LabelRecognizerTaskSetting object. It is used to inherit the parameters defined in its parent LabelRecognizerTaskSetting object. If a parameter has already been defined in this object, the parameter with the same name will not be inherited from the parent object.

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