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DeskewMode specifies the method in which the deskew process way used to apply the deskew process on the target normalized image. It consisits one of one following candidate modes, each mode represents an implement.

Candidate Mode List



Deskew the document by applying perspective correction process. This mode has the following arguments for further customizing.

Setting Methods

As JSON Parameter

DeskewMode as a JSON parameter is a JSON Object defined as below.

Parent Json Object Key Name Key Value
ImageParameter DeskewMode A JSON Object defined as below
Key Name Key Value Description
Mode Any one in Candidate Mode List as string (Required) Specifies a mode for deskewing.
ContentDirection A number from value range of ContentDirection (Optional) Sets the Argument ContentDirection.

JSON Parameter Example

    "DeskewMode": {
        "ContentDirection": 0

Candidate Argument List


Sets the direction of the document to be normalized.

Value Type Value Range Default Value Valid For


  • 0: Direction unknown.
  • 1: Vertical direction.
  • 2: Horizontal direction.

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