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interface Tooltip {
    CameraResolution?: string,
    Capture?: string,
    Flashlight?: string,
    CameraConvert?: string,
    AutoDetect?: string,
    AutoCapture?: string,

    RotateLeft?: string,
    RotateRight?: string,

    Load?: string,
    Download?: string,
    Delete?: string,
    DeleteCurrent?: string,
    DeleteAll?: string,

    ZoomIn?: string,
    ZoomOut?: string,

    Crop?: string,
    CropAll?: string,
    CropCurrent?: string,
    FullQuad?: string,
    Undo?: string,
    Redo?: string,

    Pan?: string,
    Filter?: string,

    Print?: string,
    ThumbnailSwitch?: string,

    DisplayMode?: string,
    ContinuousPage?: string,
    SinglePage?: string,

    FitMode?: string,
    FitWidth?: string,
    FitHeight?: string,
    FitWindow?: string,
    ActualSize?: string,

    Back?: string,
    Close?: string,
    Done?: string,

    FirstPage?: string,
    LastPage?: string,
    NextPage?: string,
    PrevPage?: string,


  • The default tooltip is empty.

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