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SCM Anywhere Hosted - Online/Hosting Software Configuration Management (SCM) Tool/System fully integrates Version Control, Issue Tracking & Build Automation Overview Video
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Running a distributed development team? Want to lower the total cost of ownership of your software configuration management (SCM) tool? Seeking an online software configuration management (SCM) hosting solution? Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Hosted is right for you.

SCM Anywhere Hosted is the world's 1st hosted SCM (software configuration management) solution. It is delivered as a SaaS application and comes with fully integrated version control, issue tracking, build automation and professional service to manage your whole software development life cycle. SCM Anywhere Hosted is hosted in a world class Data Center to ensure the most reliable access to mission-critical data and uncompromised security.

Connect 24/7 from anywhere

No matter whether you are working with friends on small projects or in a big enterprise, you can get started instantly. We fully understand how reliability, security and performance are important to you.

Build Automation

SCM Anywhere Hosted integrates with CruiseControl.NET and ANT to provide continuous integration and automatic build support.

Simplified IT Infrastructure and Lowered TCO

SCM Anywhere Hosted is fully managed by Dynamsoft. It can lower your total cost of ownership, increase your cost predictability and improve your development team productivity. It lets you focus on other important areas of your business.

Visual Studio, Eclipse and MSSCCI Integration

SCM Anywhere Hosted fully integrates with Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012 (screenshot) and Eclipse (screenshot). You can also use major version control features in Visual Studio 6, 2003, Delphi and many other IDEs that support MSSCCI.

Fast Remote Access and Superior Security

SCM Anywhere Hosted is optimized for both local and web access and is designed to be more secure and reliable than most in-house deployments. Click here for the detailed white paper.

Work Item and Bug/Issue Tracking

SCM Anywhere Hosted provides fully customizable and workflow driven bug / issue tracking. You can customize fields, user forms, workflow, email notifications and security according to your team's needs.

World Class Version Control

Based on the widely used and proven SourceAnywhere 2, SCM Anywhere Hosted introduces many new version control features, such as Shelve/Unshelve, Project Branch & Merge, Local Pending Change, Team Foundation and a Subversion work style on top of a SourceSafe work style.

Cross Platform

Besides a native Windows client, SCM Anywhere Hosted provides a Java client which enables developers to access code repositories from any operating system that supports the J2SE Java runtime environment including Mac, Linux, and more.

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