[Case Study]TicketSwap uses Dynamsoft DBR to Validate Ticket Authenticity

Jul 28, 2019

TicketSwap is a consumer-to-consumer platform designed to provide a safe, convenient, and fair place to buy and sell e-tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theatres, etc. TicketSwap has been active for over five years with an ever-evolving platform.

To process all the tickets uploaded by sellers and prevent tickets from being sold twice, TicketSwap needed to detect every barcode on the tickets accurately and efficiently. For this, they needed a barcode solution that could handle a large volume, as well as a variety of different barcode symbologies – some with damaged or distorted barcodes.

TicketSwap downloaded Dynamsoft DBR and tested it against their existing solution. They tested to see whether it could read all the various types of barcodes, as well as images that were known to cause issues such as inverted barcodes, damaged or distorted barcodes that were being misread. Dynamsoft DBR passed all tests with flying colors.

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