[Case Study] Avision Adopts Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK to Bundle with New Document Scanners

Feb 10, 2015

Dynamsoft’s Barcode SDK Helps Avision Create Cost-Effective 1D / 2D Barcode Software to Bundle with 55 New Scanner Products

Avision has adopted Dynamsoft’s barcode reader software development kit (SDK) to create new barcode scanning and reading software for many of the company’s document scanners sold throughout North America and other parts of the world.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the USA and Canada sell these scanners into government, finance and education markets that more and more heavily use barcode technology. The new barcode capabilities are now included in 55 Avision scanner models. This includes the company’s three best-selling models: the AV176+ office desktop scanner, the AV188 compact duplex scanner for documents and plastic ID cards, and the AV122 series which is the company’s most compact high speed document scanner.

Dynamsoft’s Barcode SDK is used in Avision’s Button Manager V2 software, which is installed on local computers. The software is provided bundled on a disc or via download for free with related scanner purchases. The barcode SDK enabled Avision to more easily ensure key features were supported, such as batch file naming and document segmentation using barcode.

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About Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader SDK

Dynamsoft provides 1D and 2D barcode reader SDK for both web application and .NET desktop application. It is now available as an add-on component for Dynamic Web TWAIN (web-based document scanning SDK) or Dynamic .NET TWAIN (document scanning SDK for WinForms and WPF). With it, you can allow users to retrieve barcode information from documents/images captured from scanners, webcams and other devices.

Let us know if you have any questions in implementing barcode recognition feature in your application.