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SourceAnywhere Hosted -  Hosted Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Style Version Control
The Hosted Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) Alternative

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"Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted closes the gap for distributed development team at Adea International."

Steve Hall, U.S. Regional Director, Adea International
Dallas, TX, USA  www.adea.com

"I'm very impressed with your product. The interface is intuitive and easy to use and having used Visual Source Safe for many years I found the learning curve to be almost nonexistent."...... "I'm very glad I found your product."

Jordan Light, Ameritech Corporation
Chicago, IL, USA  www.ameritech.net

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"I have been extremely pleased with the SourceAnywhere hosting. We are a small company of just 2 employees, but Source Anywhere allows us to work easily from different locations and on the move. The performance is much better than anticipated and has not slowed down my development, which is one concern I had before signing up. Your support and customer service is excellent, and I do appreciate it. "

Andrew Purnis, Norsoft
Mankato, MN, USA  www.norsoft.com

"We're loving it. It's doing everything we're expecting of a source control tool."

Tom Meeus, CTO, Crisalis LLC
Oklahoma City, OK, USA  www.crisalisllc.com

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Secure Dock logo

"Secure-Dock, an online secure distribution and safe deposit box software for all your strategic documents, has been leveraging Dynamsoft's Hosted Source Control software for a couple of years now, and we could not be happier with their software and service. We have never had any issues with our source code, and the integration with Visual Studio is top notch. It has allowed us to operate efficiently and effectively without the overhead of a more established development environment. "

Sean McRoberts, CTO, Secure Dock LLC
Irvine, CA, USA  www.secure-dock.com

"I wanted to take the time to write about an absolutely wonderful source control solution from Dynamsoft Corporation."

Steven Swafford, Northrop Grumman
Alabama, USA  radicaldevelopment.com

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"I found it to be a great gift."

Paulo Morgado, Microsoft MVP

"Source control hosting heats up: Dynamsoft introduces SourceAnywhere."

Roy Osherove, software developer, author of The Art of Unit Testing
osherove.com  5whys.com

Roy Osherove

"I will make sure I spread the word with my colleagues and friends!"
"You application is excellent. It was really helpful and I will make sure I spread the word with my colleagues and friends."
"Some points to add are:

  • No learning curve as it was almost identical to Visual SourceSafe (VSS)
  • Performance was good.
  • And availability was good.
Over all I had a great experience. And I wish you all success."

Aru Pillai, Director IT
Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America

"Having offsite source safe control is of a great benefit to us."
"I run many projects, with distributed developers in the USA, UK, India and abroad. I like the product a lot and having offsite source safe control is of a great benefit to us. The product works well and is responsive."

Dr. Gene Conroy-Jones, Director, Think Jones Ltd
London, UK

"My intention is to expand its use to my website development and my core documentation"
"I'm using the hosted service on a number of small developments at the moment and have been very pleased with the service.
"For those of you who haven't used a source control product before I think you'll find the service pays for itself the first time you rollback a source file. I have been using it from the office and on my laptop through hotspots or 3G networks. It has been great so far."

Karl Southern, Director, Image Excellence
United Kingdom  www.imageexcellence.co.uk

Karl Southern

"The support team is responsive and friendly, very pleased!"
"I find Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted very easy to set up and use with Visual Studio 2005. it's working nicely. The support team is responsive and friendly, very pleased!"

Mike Cai, Project Manager
Independent Developer forming his own company (good luck)

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