C++ OCR Library for you to Convert Image to Text

Dynamsoft OCR Pro Engine - OCR API for Windows Servers

Dynamsoft OCR Professional Module

is a fast and robust optical character recognition (OCR) library for your web application. You can use the OCR library to extract text from scanned images or PDF documents. You can also produce searchable PDF documents with the OCR engine.

High Performance, High Accuracy OCR Engine

  • Great OCR accuracy with built-in image pre-processing (de-speckle, de-skew, autorotation), auto font matching and more advanced imaging technology.
  • Supports multi-thread processing.
  • Supports zonal OCR which significantly speeds up text recognition from scanned documents.

Server Side OCR

Dynamsoft OCR Pro engine provides server-side OCR option. You can deploy the OCR engine on your Windows server for server-side OCR.

  Server-Side OCR (OCR Web Service)
Server OS Windows server only
Programming Language Any programming language
Data Traffic with Server Upload the data to the server side for OCR processing and return to the client side
Need to download OCR engine to client machine No
OCR offline support No

Western and Arabic Language OCR

The OCR Professional library currently supports English and 119 other western languages as well as Arabic.
See the complete supported language list →

Extensive Input

The OCR Professional engine supports extracting text from the following file types:


Extensive Input

Extensive Output

The OCR Professional engine enables you to save OCR results in the following formats:

  • Searchable PDFs (including PDF/A 1-b). Text over image technology supports multiple image compression formats to reduce the size of PDF files.
  • Text files - TXT, CSV, XML, RTF
  • String variable

You can also get detailed position information as a part of the OCR result.

Extensive Output


Reduced Development Time & Cost

With specially designed simple APIs, you can quickly implement a robust OCR module for extracting text from images in your Web applications.

Easy Integration

  • Server-side OCR API communicates with remote server via HTTP. You can use it with your preferred server language (ASP.NET, PHP, JSP etc).

Robust Imaging Features

You can integrate a multitude of document imaging features all in one application, including:

  • TWAIN scanning
  • Webcam capture
  • PDF rasterizer
  • 1D & 2D barcode detection

Award-Winning Technical Support

Dynamsoft is committed to giving the best customer service and provides multiple support channels: phone call, live chat, email, online meeting, forums, kb, etc. Learn more ›

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