Zonal OCR Scanning with Dynamsoft OCR Professional Engine

Zonal OCR Scanning

When dealing with scanned forms - such as patient registration forms, order forms, insurance forms etc. - you mostly just need the information of some specific fields. You want to index those fields into your system. Manual typing takes up a lot of time and is also error prone, especially when you need to deal with many documents. To overcome such obstacles, you need zonal optical character recognition (OCR) in your document management system.

Zonal OCR enables you to extract just the data you need faster and more efficiently.

OCR Engine to Improve Your Productivity

Dynamsoft OCR Professional Engine enables you to easily implement zonal OCR in your web application on Windows. Via a web page, users can select a specific zone of a document or image to do OCR and extract only the information they need. The OCR Pro engine works as an add-on to Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN.

Want to embed zonal OCR in your web solution?