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Release Notes - JavaScript 4.x

4.0.1 (01/11/2024)



  • Updated the behaviour of SingleFrameMode to allow an Android or iOS device user to make use of the camera without having to select between the camera and image gallery as the image source.
  • Updated the method setScanRegion() to allow passing null to clear the scan region.
  • Updated the resolution selection drop-down box to make it more intuitive.
  • Updated setZoom() to support Safari on iOS v17.x.


  • Fixed issues with the methods setZoom() & getZoomSettings() so that they can now work with static videos.
  • Fixed issues with the autozoom or enhancedfocus features to prevent them from throwing unnecessary error messages.
  • Fixed an issue with unstable video streaming upon opening the camera on iOS 17.x.

4.0.0 (08/24/2023)


  • Separated the user interaction functionality from the original CameraEnhancer class into two new dedicated classes: CameraView and ImageEditorView:
    • The CameraView class is responsible for streaming video with real-time interaction such as highlighting certain objects found in the video;
    • The ImageEditorView class is responsible for displaying a single image with real-time interaction such as editing the boundaries of an object found in the image.
  • Refactored the CameraEnhancer class to be compliant with the ImageSourceAdapter interface.
  • Improved the built-in drawing logic:
    • Added the DrawingStyleManager class to manage DrawingStyles;
    • Renamed basic DrawingItem types;
    • Expanded the drawing logic to include the ScanRegion indicators.
  • Refactored the Tip feature with a TipConfig interface and methods like setTipConfig(), getTipConfig(), setTipVisible() and isTipVisible().
  • The following features are grouped together as enhanced features that require a license. They can be enabled or disabled with the methods enableEnhancedFeatures() or disableEnhancedFeatures():
    • Enhanced-focus. This feature used to be called auto-focus. Now it is defined as EnumEnhancedFeatures.EF_ENHANCED_FOCUS.
    • Auto-zoom. This feature is defined as EnumEnhancedFeatures.EF_AUTO_ZOOM, and we allow the zoom range to be set or returned with the methods setAutoZoomRange() and getAutoZoomRange().
    • Tap-to-focus. This feature used to be controlled by the method enableTapToFocus(). Now it is defined as EnumEnhancedFeatures.EF_TAP_TO_FOCUS.
  • Added the method takePhoto() to the CameraEnhancer class to allow users to temporarily invoke the system camera to capture a video frame with higher quality

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