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Single-File Processing

API Name Description
Capture Process an image or file to derive important information.


Process an image or file to derive important information. It can optionally use a specified template for the capture.

CCapturedResult* Capture(const char* filePath, const char* templateName="");
CCapturedResult* Capture(const unsigned char *fileBytes, int fileSize, const char* templateName="");
CCapturedResult* Capture(const CImageData* pImageData, const char* templateName="");


[in] filePath Specifies the path of the file to process.

[in] templateName Specifies the template to use for capturing. Default value is an empty string which means the factory default template.

[in] fileBytes Specifies the memory location containing the image to be processed.

[in] fileSize Specifies the size of the image in bytes.

[in] pImageData Specifies the image data to process.

Return Value

Returns a pointer to a CCapturedResult object containing the captured items.

Error Code Value Description
EC_NULL_POINTER -10002 The ImageData object is null.
EC_FILE_NOT_FOUND -10005 The file is not found.
EC_FILE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED -10006 The file type is not supported.
EC_TEMPLATE_NAME_INVALID -10036 The target template name is invalid.
EC_CALL_REJECTED_WHEN_CAPTURING -10062 Function call is rejected when capturing in progress.
EC_MULTI_PAGES_NOT_SUPPORTED -10066 The api does not support multi-page files. Please use FileFetcher instead.

Code Snippet

int errorCode = 0;
char szErrorMsg[256];
errorCode = CLicenseManager::InitLicense("YOUR-LICENSE-KEY", szErrorMsg, 256);
CCaptureVisionRouter* router = new CCaptureVisionRouter();
CCapturedResult* result = router->Capture("path/to/file.png", "myTemplate");
delete router;

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