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Dynamsoft Code Parser supports data from the normal QR codes or Secure QR codes on eAadhaar, Aadhaar Letter and Aadhaar PVC Card and specifies code types:



The exposed fields for code type AADHAAR is defined as below:

Field Name Description
CodeType Code type, always has value “AADHAAR”
referenceId Reference number
lastFourAadhaarDigits Last 4 digits of Aadhaar code
timeStamp Date time stamp in “DDMMYYYYHHMMSSsss” (including milliseconds)
name Name of cardholder
givenName Given name of cardholder
dateOfBirth Date of birth
gender Gender
idNumber The ID number
email Email as hash
mobile Mobile number as hash
yearOfBirth Year of birth
address Address
careOf Care of like “s/o”
district District name
landmark Landmark
house House number
location Locality
pinCode Pin code
postOffice Post office name
state State Name
street Street Name
subdistrict Sub District Name
image Photo of the resident
signatureHASH Signature

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