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Stores the normalized image result.


Attribute Type
image DDNImage


The normalized image in DDNImage structure.


API Descriptions
saveToFile() Saves the normalized image to file.


Save the normalized image (only one) to a File object in memory. Download it to the local driver if needed.

saveToFile: (name: string, download?: boolean) => Promise<File>;


name : specifies the name of the File object in memory. If a File object with the same name exists, replace it. A file extension shall be used in the name to specify the file’s format. All image formats are valid. If not specified, use PNG format as default.

download: specifies whether to download the file once it’s created. If set to false or not specified, keep the file in memory.

Return value

A promise resolving to the File that stores the normalized image data.

Code snippet

let resultImg = await normalizedImageResult.saveToFile("example.png");

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