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Browse Viewer

Browse Viewer is used to display pages in multiple-mode, pages can be multiple selected in this viewer.

const browseViewer = new Dynamsoft.DDV.BrowseViewer({
    container: document.getElementById("viewer"),

browseViewer.openDocument("docUid"); // Open a document which has pages

Select page(s)

  • Select the second and third pages by using selectPages().

  • Select all pages by using selectAllPages().


Multiple select

To enable multiple select mode, you need to set multiselectMode to true.

browseViewer.multiselectMode = true;

Custom Viewer

Custom Viewer does not have any built-in UI or functionality, it is used for creating your own viewer.

const customViewer = new Dynamsoft.DDV.CustomViewer({
    container: document.getElementById("viewer"),

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