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SDK Overview: Modules and Main APIs

This page provides an overview of the various modules and highlights the most essential APIs that form the backbone of Dynamsoft Label Recognizer SDK.

Modules Summary

The Dynamsoft Label Recognizer (DLR) SDK is built on the Dynamsoft Capture Vision (DCV) framework, which includes multiple modules working together to achieve text line recognition. The hierarchical structure diagram below illustrates the various modules of the DLR SDK (with modules at the top depending on those below).


Modules hierarchical of the DLR SDK

The table below describes details the functionalities of these modules:

Module Description Mandatory/Optional
DynamsoftLabelRecognizer.xcframework(DLR) The Dynamsoft Label Recognizer module identifies and recognizes text labels such as passport MRZs, ID cards, and VIN numbers. Mandatory
DynamsoftCore.xcframework(Core) The Dynamsoft Core module lays the foundation for Dynamsoft SDKs based on the DCV (Dynamsoft Capture Vision) architecture. It encapsulates the basic classes, interfaces, and enumerations shared by these SDKs. Mandatory
DynamsoftCaptureVisionRouter.xcframework(CVR) The Dynamsoft Capture Vision Router module is the cornerstone of the Dynamsoft Capture Vision (DCV) architecture. It focuses on coordinating batch image processing and provides APIs for setting up image sources and result receivers, configuring workflows with parameters, and controlling processes. Mandatory
DynamsoftImageProcessing.xcframework(DIP) The Dynamsoft Image Processing module facilitates digital image processing and supports operations for other modules, including the Barcode Reader, Label Recognizer, and Document Normalizer. Mandatory
DynamsoftNeuralNetwork.xcframework(DNN) The Dynamsoft Neural Network module allows SDKs compliant with the DCV (Dynamsoft Capture Vision) architecture to leverage the power of deep learning when processing digital images. Mandatory
DynamsoftLicense.xcframework(License) The Dynamsoft License module manages the licensing aspects of Dynamsoft SDKs based on the DCV (Dynamsoft Capture Vision) architecture. Mandatory
DynamsoftCameraEnhancer.xcframework(DCE) The Dynamsoft Camera Enhancer module controls the camera, transforming it into an image source for the DCV (Dynamsoft Capture Vision) architecture through ISA implementation. It also enhances image quality during acquisition and provides basic viewers for user interaction. Optional
DynamsoftUtility.xcframework(Utility) The Dynamsoft Utility module defines auxiliary classes, including the ImageManager, and implementations of the CRF (Captured Result Filter) and ISA (Image Source Adapter) . These are shared by all Dynamsoft SDKs based on the DCV (Dynamsoft Capture Vision) architecture. Optional

Main APIs

Capture Vision Router

The main class CaptureVisionRouter acts as the SDK entry point and provides the following essential APIs:

Image Source Adapter

The ImageSourceAdapter class is an abstract class representing an adapter for image sources, providing a framework for fetching, buffering, and managing images from various sources. It serves as the input for the CaptureVisionRouter. You can either use the typical implementations of ImageSourceAdapter or implement your own.

Class CameraEnhancer is one of the typical implementations of ImageSourceAdapter. It is a class that not only implements the video frame obtaining APIs but also enable you to improve the video quality by adjusting the camera settings.

Captured Result Receiver

To receive the results of video streaming text recognizing, you need to implement the CapturedResultReceiver with the callback method onRecognizedTextlinesReceived. The result you received in the callback method is a RecognizedTextlinesResult object, which contains all the recognized text lines from the processed video frame.

Camera View

CameraView is a view class that design for visualizing the real time video streaming and the text recognizing result. If the CameraEnhancer is set as the input of your CVR, the recognized text lines will be highlighted automatically on the CameraView.

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