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[HTML&JS] Basic Scan

This sample demonstrates the most basic implementation to acquire images from a scanner using Dynamic Web TWAIN.

[ASP.NET-C#] Basic Scan and Upload

This sample demonstrates the basics of using Dynamic Web TWAIN to scan and upload images.

[PHP] Scan and Upload Images

This sample demonstrates how to scan images from scanners and upload in a PHP web application using Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK. All major features (scan, load, save & upload, etc.) are implemented.

[JSP] Scan, Edit and Save/Upload Images

This is the JSP version of our current online demo page. All major features (scan, load, save & upload, etc.) have been implemented.

[HTML&JS] All DWT Events

This sample has all events (e.g. OnMouseClick) implemented. A demo event log can be viewed in the message box at the bottom of the demo page.

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After you download and install the 30-day free trial of Dynamic Web TWAIN, you can find the basic samples in \Samples folder under the installation folder.

The samples support scanning documents from all mainstream browsers - IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera - on Windows and Mac OS X. As a client-side control, all the APIs of Dynamic Web TWAIN can simply be called in JavaScript. For the server side, you can write "Action Page" - which receives and processes the uploaded images - in any language, such as C#, VB.NET, ASP, JSP or PHP.

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