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About Dynamic Web TWAIN

These docs aim to help you learn and use the Dynamic Web TWAIN library. They will help you integrate document scanning into your app, no matter whether you are building a workflow from scratch or optimizing an existing workflow.

Introduction to Dynamic Web TWAIN

The Dynamic Web TWAIN library (DWT) is a software development kit (SDK) specifically designed for adding efficient document management workflows to any kind of web apps.

Being in the market for over 17 years, it has won the trust of many fortune 500 enterprises such as Lockheed Martin, IBM, Samsung, SIEMENS, McKesson, and many more.

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For more info, please check out DWT release history.

Document Capture and Process

DWT makes the following tasks easy


All Mainstream Browsers and Platforms Covered

When it comes to a web-based document scanning solution, you do not want to limit your end users to a specific browser and OS.

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK supports all mainstream browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) on Windows, macOS, Linux and Mobile. Check Dynamic Web TWAIN features page for details.

High Speed and Large Volume Document Scanning & Uploading

Paper document digitalization is a common requirement in many industries, especially banking, financing, healthcare and government. The ability to support large volume document scanning and processing is essential!

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK supports scanning thousands of pages of document at a time! It even provides the ability to handle document uploading in the background without having to keep browsers open.

Build a Working Project in an Hour!

Easy integration with JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue, etc.) and 60+ sample projects are available to help all developers quickly create a customized project for proof-of-concept purpose.

Business Automation with Event APIs

Want to build an automatic workflow to include document scanning, processing (e.g., barcode reading or OCR) and saving via just one button click on your application?

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK provides many useful events to help you build the automation easily.

Security Matters

To ensure your data is safe, Dynamic Web TWAIN offers advanced security features such as:

  • Data encryption
  • Authorization required for accessing local files
  • All cached data will be deleted upon unexpected SDK closures
  • HTTPs uploading and downloading
  • Domain binding

Learn more about Dynamic Web TWAIN Security Features

Example Apps

Check out our Angular, React and Vue sample project on GitHub:

Sample of dwt-angular-advanced
Sample of dwt-react-advanced
Sample of dwt-vue-advanced

Live Online Demo

Click here to go to online demo.


These docs are meant for developers who are already familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some related ideas, tools, etc.

To try the samples or code snippets mentioned in the docs, you will need to have an IDE. If you are looking for one, Dynamsoft recommends Visual Studio Code by Microsoft.

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