JavaScript Barcode Scanner SDK Add-on

Rapidly Implement Industrial-grade Barcode Reading of Common 1D and 2D Barcodes

Realize Advantages of Barcode Reading in Document Management

Many industries and countless companies rely on barcode technology for streamlining workflows, ensuring accuracy and enhancing productivity in their document management web applications.

Supports Mainstream Browsers

Gives end-users the flexibility of browser choice with support for Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome on Windows.

Client-Side Barcode Scanning

Dynamsoft provides JavaScript APIs to help you easily implement barcode reading in your web application with just a few lines of JavaScript code, to scan linear barcodes, QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF417 and more.

Industrial-Grade Performance

Realize highly accurate and fast decoding performance to meet small or large barcode task requirements for scanning common 1D and 2D barcodes.

Easy Integration and End-User Distribution

  • An MSI installer is available for IT managers to easily do batch installations on their network.
  • Client-side language support: JavaScript, JQuery, VBScript, HTML5, HTML
  • Server-side programming language support: ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET), PHP, JSP, ASP, etc.
  • There is no dependency on any third-party frameworks. So any web server is supported, such as Nginx, IIS, Tomcat, Apache and more

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