Add-ons To Dynamic Web TWAIN  (available on Windows platform only)

Per Server Deployment Per Application Deployment
(up to 50 servers)
Non-Production Server Production Server All Servers
1D Barcode Reader
$ 373.75
$ 748.75
$ 7,487.50  
Webcam Capture
$ 623.75
$ 1,248.75
$ 12,487.50

  Note: All the prices include first year maintenance (including free upgrade and premier support) Benefits of Maintenance →

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    • Applicable taxes may be charged for Canadian Residents.
    • Prices subject to change without notice.
    • Based on the number of web servers, you can choose PER SERVER DEPLOYMENT or PER APPLICATION DEPLOYMENT (up to 50 Web Servers) option. The licenses are permanent and have no limit on the number of end users.
    • For deployment in cloud environment, Cloud-based License is available.
    • The first year of Software Maintenance is required with the corresponding product purchase. Maintenance includes free upgrade, premier technical support and more.