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Release Notes for Android SDK - 8.x

8.6 (07/15/2021)


  • Improved the confidence calculating algorithm for 1D barcodes. Misreading rate of results with confidence between 30-100 has been significantly reduced.
  • Improved the reading speed on clear images by implementing a new deblur mode DM_BASED_ON_LOC_BIN.



  • Added more samples.
  • Added new API enableResultVerification. The barcode decoding results will be verified before output if this feature is enabled. This will highly improve the accuracy of barcode scanning.
  • Added new API enableDuplicateFilter. The barcode decoding results will be filtered before output if this feature is enabled. The duplicated results will be output only once for every three seconds.
  • Added two DeblurMode Enumerations, DM_BASED_ON_LOC_BIN and DM_SHARPENING_SMOOTHING, to support more usage scenarios.
  • Added method initLicenseFromDLS in BarcodeReader class to replace initLicenseFromLTS.
  • Added class DMDLSConnectionParameters to replace class DMLTSConnectionParameters.
  • Added interface DBRDLSLicenseVerificationListener and callback DLSLicenseVerificationCallback to replace DBRLTSLicenseVerificationListener and LTSLicenseVerificationCallback.


  • Improved the confidence algorithm for 1D barcode results. Users can get even more accurate results by configuring the confidence filter.

8.4 (06/08/2021)


  • Added a new attribute isMirrored to the TextResult class. isMirrored returns whether the barcode is mirrored.
  • Added a new argument, ThresholdCompensation, to the BinarizationModes mode arguments.


  • Faster recognition speeds when detecting dense QR Codes.
  • Improved the performance of boundary identification for DataMatrix codes.


  • ThreshValueCoefficient is now deprecated. It still works in this version but could be removed in the near future. We recommend using ThresholdCompensation instead.


  • Fixed an issue that happens when calling initLicenseFromLTS if handShakeCode is not set.
  • Fixed a bug when trying to build the project in the release mode with code shrinker enabled.

8.2.1 (05/27/2021)


  • Dynamsoft Camera Enhancer (DCE) is now available for DBR users to quickly deploy the camera module. We added new APIs and a new class to simplify the user operations when using DBR and DCE at the same time.
  • Added Camera Enhancer setting APIs. These new APIs will benefit users by easily controlling the status of DCE.
  • Added a new class, DCESettingParameters, and a new API, SetCameraEnhancerParam, to enable the parameter transfer between DBR and DCE. The parameter transferring will improve the focus ability of the camera.


  • Samples are updated. DCE is handling the camera-related settings in the samples.

8.2 (03/17/2021)


  • Added a new mode argument, FindAccurateBoundary, to RegionPredetectionModes that determines if the SDK attempts to find an accurate boundary when RegionPredetectionModes is set to RPM_GENERAL_HSV_CONTRAST.
  • Added a new an attribute, organizationID (string) to DMLTSConnectionParameters. The attribute adds a new layer of security for both full and trial licenses.


  • Improved both the localization and decoding algorithms for Postal Codes.
  • LocalizationMode.LM_STATISTICS_POSTAL_CODE will not be added automatically when enabling Postal Code in your runtime settings. Instead, users must manually add it to the LocalizationMode array if it is required.


  • Resolved a bug that infrequently causes the application to crash when decoding a MicroPDF417 barcode.

8.1.2 (01/22/2021)


  • Added mode, page, totalPage and parityData in the QRCodeDetails Class.


  • Improved the recognition accuracy for GS1 Databar.
  • Removed the exception code from barcodeText when using a valid trial license.
  • Included native C++ DLL files in the .NET assembly files, so users don’t need to manually copy these files to the specific folder.


  • Fixed a bug where barcodeFormatString, barcodeFormatString_2, regionName and documentName don’t have value in the IRT_TYPED_BARCODE_ZONE intermediate result.

8.1.1 (01/19/2021)


  • Fixed a crash issue when calling initLicenseFromLTS or decode*** methods in Android 6.x and below.

8.1 (01/12/2021)


  • Added support for MSI Code (Modified Plessey).
  • Added a new member barcodeZoneMinDistanceToImageBorders in the PublicRuntimeSettings Class to set the minimum distance (in pixels) between barcode zone and image borders. Previously, it is only available in the JSON template. It can be now configured by setting PublicRuntimeSettings -> barcodeZoneMinDistanceToImageBorders.
  • Added exception error message to TextResult when license initialization fails or decoding authorization fails.


  • Improved the localization robustness for QR Code.
  • Improved the localization for low quality 1D barcodes.
  • Improved the deblurring performance and recognition rate for DataMatrix.
  • Improved the recognition rate for Aztec.


  • Fixed a bug where Micro PDF417 may not be localized in multiple-barcode scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where the ExpectedBarcodesCount and BarcodeFormat parameters do not work in the RegionDefinition.

8.0 (11/17/2020)


  • (For IntermediateResult Advanced Module) Added support for decoding IntermediateResult. For example, users with a binarized image could use this function to skip some image preprocessing steps.
  • Implemented a new licensing tracking mechanism, License 2.0, which makes it easier for users to track license usage.
  • Added a new format control parameter, BarcodeZoneMinDistanceToImageBorders, to set the minimum distance (in pixels) between the barcode zone and image borders.
  • Added a new format control parameter, MinRatioOfBarcodeZoneWidthToHeight, to set the minimum ratio (width/height) of the barcode zone.
  • Added a new format control parameter, BarcodeZoneBarCountRangeArray, to set the barcode zone’s range of bar count for barcode search.
  • Added a new parameter, DeblurModes, so users can use different deblur algorithms for different scenarios. DeblurModes has the following enum types: DirectBinarization, ThresholdBinarization, GrayEqulization, Smoothing, Morphing, DeepAnalysis and Sharpening.


  • Improved the localization speed for the ScanDirectly mode.
  • Improved the localization accuracy for DataMatrix codes with a narrow quiet zone.

Feature Deprecated

  • DeblurLevel is now deprecated. It still works in this version but could be removed in the near future. We recommend using DeblurModes instead.

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