Why Robust Inventory Management System is Important for Retailers

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the foundation of any successful retail business. A robust inventory management system helps ensure satisfied and happy customers, reduce costs, and increase profit margins by minimizing out-of-stock, reducing shrinkage, simplifying processes, and improving forecasting. To implement an ideal inventory management system in your retail business, barcode technology plays an important role.  Best…

Considerations on Choosing a Commercial Barcoding Solution for a Retail Business

commercial barcoding solution

Retail businesses need a robust barcoding solution for improving sales and inventory procedures. With the advancing technology and global disruptors like the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of barcodes in retail has become even more important than ever. When it comes to choosing a barcoding solution, commercial-grade barcode readers clearly have the edge over open-source ones….

Use Barcode Technology to Improve the In-store Experience

Barcode in retail

As social distancing became imperative, retailers started using technology, such as barcodes, to limit physical contact by click-and-collect as part of omnichannel retail. Barcode technology creates dynamic sales opportunities, offers deeper consumer insights, and empowers employees. Click and Collect Users making purchases online and then picking up from the store emerged as one of the…

Trends in Retail Technology in 2021

Barcode technology

Just like many other industries, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the retail realm in 2020. Adapting technology became a necessity for all sorts of retailers to cater to the new normal. Since the pandemic hasn’t ended, most of these changes are here to stay, along with some new ones. Here are the trends that the retail…

4 Cases of Good Document Scanning Software Helping Improve Workflow Efficiency (2021)

Good Document Scanning Software Helping Improve Workflow Efficiency

Organizations today deal with too much paperwork, especially in industries like healthcare, finance, law, etc. More and more, paper documents need to be digitized, processed and indexed to better serve different business workflows and requirements. Having a good document scanning tool to efficiently digitize your paper documents is a critical step for document/records management. In…

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