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Category: retail

  • How Barcode Technology is Helping Jewellery Retailers

    With the tremendous growth in the past few years, the global jewellery market is projected to reach the $480.5 billion mark by 2025. While the jewellery industry is on the path of growth, managing the day-to-day operations at a jewellery store requires specialized control and the best technologies to ensure...

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  • Crumpled QR Codes and Barcodes in Retail Scenarios

    Today, barcode technology has become an inseparable part of the retail industry, and QR codes have become ubiquitous because of their outstanding usability and benefits. While QR codes and barcodes provide many advantages, the crumpled ones can become a source of frustration and problem for retailers and customers alike. It...

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  • Why Robust Inventory Management System is Important for Retailers

    Inventory management is the foundation of any successful retail business. A robust inventory management system helps ensure satisfied and happy customers, reduce costs, and increase profit margins by minimizing out-of-stock, reducing shrinkage, simplifying processes, and improving forecasting. To implement an ideal inventory management system in your retail business, barcode technology...

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  • Considerations on Choosing a Commercial Barcoding Solution for a Retail Business

    Retail businesses need robust barcode solutions for improving sales and inventory procedures. With the advancing technology and global disruptors like the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of barcodes in retail has become even more important than ever. When it comes to choosing professional barcode solutions, commercial-grade barcode readers clearly have the...

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  • Use Barcode Technology to Improve the In-store Experience

    As social distancing became imperative, retailers started using technology, such as barcodes, to limit physical contact by click-and-collect as part of omnichannel retail. There are multiple advantages of barcode technology in retail. It creates dynamic sales opportunities, offers deeper consumer insights, and empowers employees.  Here is how retailers can use...

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  • Trends in Retail Technology in 2021

    Just like many other industries, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the retail realm in 2020. Adapting technology became a necessity for all sorts of retailers to cater to the new normal. Since the pandemic hasn’t ended, most of these changes are here, along with some new ones. Here are the trends...

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  • Barcoding and Blockchain Set to Revolutionize Retail

    The North American produce market is undergoing a massive product traceability process redesign to dramatically improve produce safety for consumers. The proposed changes involve redefining what and how barcode data is used as well as an effort to introduce blockchain technology for produce traceability. Food recalls have been on the...

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  • The Role of Digital in the New Era of Retail

    The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the retail industry, forcing retailers to make changes and adaptations to protect their customers, employees, and their own survival. Some of these changes are here to stay,  even after the pandemic. One of these changes will be the increasing need and use of digital technologies....

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  • The Role of Barcode Technology in Retail

    Retail stores continue to find new ways to engage customers and build better customer relationships, even or especially during COVID-19. According to Small Business Trends, there are at least five things customers want from a retail store. These include personalized customer service, online/offline integration, the use of mobile technology, loyalty...

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  • Transforming Retail with Mobile POS and Self-Checkout Using Barcodes

    Retail store checkout today has evolved with new technologies to choose from. Among them, two are mobile-point-of-sale (mPOS) and self-checkout solutions. Both are widely popular. In this post, we look at some of the benefits of implementing mobile POS systems in your retail store and how Dynamsoft Barcode Reader integrates...

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  • Product Code Scanners for Retail

    Barcode technology has been around for decades and shows no signs of slowing as retailers continue to find new retail solutions to use barcodes. While reliable and robust, there are still many challenges to overcome, especially in retail environments. Unsuccessful barcode scans from damaged codes, or simply missing a barcode...

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  • 3 Best Practices Tips for Barcodes and Inventory Tracking Systems

    Inventory tracking is critical for a lot of businesses. While it’s certainly more critical to some industries, such as retail, other less obvious industries can also benefit. For example, it’s said US retailers are sitting on $1.43 in inventory for every $1 they sell. A small business can also use inventory tracking...

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