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Tag: javascript

  • Cree un Lector de Códigos de Barras y Códigos QR Usando JavaScript y HTML5

    Si está buscando un SDK en JavaScript para crear un lector de código de barras y códigos QR, el Dynamsoft JavaScript Barcode SDK es sin duda el mejor. Nuestro SDK permite a los desarrolladores crear rápidamente aplicaciones web para lectura de códigos de barras y códigos QR con unas pocas...

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  • Dynamic Web TWAIN 17.2 Released All-in-One Web-based Document Scanning Widget

    In Dynamic Web TWAIN 17.2, Dynamsoft brings a new API called scanDocument(), which launches a full-fledged HTML5 document scanning widget based on the WebAssembly technology. With a few lines of JavaScript code, you can develop a web-based document management app for both desktop and mobile web browsers. SDK Installation Steps...

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  • Build a Web Page to Scan Documents to PDF

    If you are developing a web application that requires the capability to deal with different digital file formats, chances are PDF will be a must-have file format. Scanning documents of text and graphics to PDF results in a compressed and visually clear file that can be read on a PC...

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  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK Package Comparison

    Interested in integrating barcode reading into your application, but find the process overwhelming or confusing? You’ve come to the right place. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader provides multiple packages on different platforms based on different programming languages. In this post, we aim to help you by showing you how to choose the...

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  • A Comprehensive Guide to Capture Images from Webcam in JavaScript

    A webcam allows users to capture images and video streams in real-time. It is usually built into a laptop or physically connected to a computer via a USB port. Webcams can be used in many scenarios, including video conference calls, face recognition, security surveillance, etc. How to Access a Webcam...

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  • How to Enable QR code Scanning from Mobile Cameras in Web

    You have a requirement to enable web-based barcode scanning for your mobile browsers. But, you don’t want to do it via an app since it requires extra effort for both users and developers. How do you build an online QR code scanner using mobile camera? There are mainly two ways...

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  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.2.2 JavaScript Edition is Released!

    Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK for JavaScript supports real-time localization and decoding of various barcode types. The library is capable of scanning barcodes from static images as well as directly from live video streams. It also supports reading multiple barcodes at once. The latest version introduced a frame filtering feature so...

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  • Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK v15.1 is Released

    ADDED [HTML5 macOS] Added 64-bit support to macOS. [HTML5 macOS & Linux] Expanded the event OnPostTransferAsync from Windows to macOS & Linux. The method serves as the asynchronous counterpart to the existing synchronous event OnPostTransfer. Information about the transferred image is returned in the event listener. [HTML5 macOS & Linux] Expanded the method startScan from Windows to macOS...

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  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.0 JavaScript Edition is Released!

    NEW Added the capability to enable/disable the torch/flashlight of a mobile device (when available, only Chrome on Android). Added APIs for finer video control. These APIs are getAllCameras, getCurrentCamera, setCurrentCamera, getResolution, setResolution. IMPROVED Updated algorithm to 7.0. Updated default runtimeSettings for BarcodeScanner. Improved 1D barcode decoding accuracy by comparing results...

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  • Product Code Scanners for Retail

    Barcode technology has been around for decades and shows no signs of slowing as retailers continue to find new retail solutions to use barcodes. While reliable and robust, there are still many challenges to overcome, especially in retail environments. Unsuccessful barcode scans from damaged codes, or simply missing a barcode...

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  • 106% Faster - Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v6.5 JavaScript Edition

    Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v6.5 was just released. Our testing showed phenomenal improvement from the past version, which enabled a much better user experience. We reduced build time by 106% and Improved decoding time by 98%. In this article, we discuss how we achieved these results with WebAssembly optimization and codebase...

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  • Best Practices for Increasing Speed with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript Edition

    Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript Edition is a JavaScript API for barcode scanning based on the latest WebAssembly technology. Overall, JavaScript Edition comes with a clear advantage - end users don’t need to install anything to use your web application. However, this relatively new technology relies heavily on browsers, which may...

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  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript Edition v6.4.1 Released

    Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is better than ever with the official release of JavaScript Edition v6.4.1. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript Edition enables fast and reliable cross-platform, cross-browser barcode scanning in the web applications on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Highlights: Fast loading and initialization along with the support of Web Worker to...

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  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 5.1 Added JavaScript APIs

    We are happy to announce the release of version 5.1 of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader with new JavaScript SDK. With our barcode scanner SDK, you can easily create a barcode reading application (Web, desktop or mobile) using just a few lines of code. Highlights in the new version: Added new standalone...

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  • Document Scanning Using JavaScript and jQuery

    As we know, web client-side JavaScript code cannot interact with a document scanner directly. There is no JavaScript API available until Dynamsoft makes it come true. Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK, which is a browser-based document scanning SDK, supports JavaScript programming for scanners and digital cameras. With the SDK, it is...

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  • Custom ActiveX Event for IE 11

    Microsoft’s IE 11 has been released for a while now. The new version of Internet Explorer, which has been redesigned with many new features, is excellent on performance. However, it removes some old features that may cause compatibility problems for ActiveX based web application, such as the document scanning online...

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