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Category: barcode-practices

  • Numériser plusieurs codes-barres et codes QR en une seule fois

    La numérisation de plusieurs codes-barres est efficace en termes de temps dans divers scénarios, tels que les étiquettes d’expédition, les étiquettes de prix des supermarchés, les inventaires, etc. Cela accélère considérablement le processus de numérisation des codes-barres et rationalise le flux de travail. Selon les différents cas d’utilisation, le nombre...

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  • How to Choose a Camera for Barcode Scanning

    Dynamsoft Barcode Reader (DBR) is an enterprise-grade barcode scanner SDK (Software Development Kits). It can transform desktops and mobile devices into powerful barcode scanners so that dedicated devices are no longer necessary. Many companies have already benefited from the powerful barcode recognition of DBR and by using it they can...

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  • Scan Barcode and QR Code From PDF Files

    Accurately capturing data from paper forms can be extremely challenging. Re-keyed-paper-based-form data not only is human-intensive, it’s also error-prone. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can help reduce the amount of human involvement. However, it still requires some human supervision to ensure the data capture process is done correctly.  Streamline workflow using...

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  • Scan Multiple Barcodes and QR Codes at Once

    Multiple barcode scanning is time-efficient in various scenarios, such as shipping labels, supermarket price tags, inventory counting, etc. It greatly speeds up the barcode scanning process and streamlines the workflow. Depending on different use cases, the count of barcodes in one image can vary from a few to dozens. And...

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  • Best Practices for Maximizing Barcode Reader Technology

    While barcodes are widely used for their speed and efficiency, there are many potential technical obstacles and issues that can arise to create bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This series will guide you through the following topics on barcode reader technology: Chapter 01 Where are barcodes used Chapter 02 Character set encoded...

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  • Dynamsoft DBR vs Open Source Barcode Reader SDK

    There are a lot of different barcode reader solutions on the market, including some free open source options, which begs the question – Why choose Dynamsoft Barcode Reader? While ‘free’ sounds good, there are some factors you may want to consider. Hidden Cost First, let’s address the obvious – cost....

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  • Chapter 6. Technical considerations when choosing a barcode SDK

    Getting started with Barcodes A good place to start is with understanding what barcode symbology is most ideal for your application. This might include considering any industry and related regulation needs and requirements. Make sure to follow common practices. Be clear about the character set you need to support your...

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  • Chapter 4. Developer Tip: Improve Barcode Recognition Rates

    Developer Tip: Improve Barcode Recognition Rates Resolution The quality of the barcode image produced by your chosen barcode generator matters. Generally, a barcode reader processes the counting of pixels in an area to determine the width and location of a particular bar in a barcode symbol. So, a lack of...

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  • Chapter 3. Barcode scanning algorithm: localization and decode

    Understanding the barcode reader technology can be complex. So, let’s simplify it. The barcode reader software scans the entire width of a barcode image to identify a barcode. Once it scans a barcode, it decodes it and presents the encoded information. Step 1: Identify a Region Where the Barcode is...

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  • Chapter 2. Character set encoded in barcodes

    There is a lot to consider when attempting to select an appropriate barcode to use. You should familiarize yourself with the various barcode types, their capabilities, and requirements, to ensure a proper barcode selection for your given scenario. To select the barcode for your given task, you need to understand...

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  • Guidelines for Generating and Printing Barcodes

    Whether you are working with an inventory system, a medication administration system, or another system that uses barcodes, chances are you may on occasion encounter unreadable barcodes. Software developers certainly have levels of control over the accuracy of barcode recognition in an application. But, for end users of a barcode...

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