What are the Best Barcode Reader SDKs?

best barcode reader sdk

Looking for the best barcode reader SDK for your application, but aren’t sure how to evaluate the different options, and what considerations you should be making? You’ve come to the right place. There are more than a dozen commercial-grade barcode reader SDKs on the market and it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to analyze them all….

Image Processing 101: Color Models

Continuing with the next post in our Image Processing 101 Series, we take a deep dive and learn about color models. A color model is an abstract mathematical model that describes how colors can be represented as a set of numbers (e.g., a triple in RGB or a quad in CMYK). Color models can usually…

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.5.1 is Released

Dynamsoft DBR 6.5.1

6.5.1 for Windows/Mobile/Linux (04/16/2019) New for DBR 6.5.1 [Mobile Edition only] Added a callback function for initLicenseFromServer so that developers can check if the license is active and valid [Android SDK only] Added a new method getVersion to return the version number of the Android SDK Improvements for DBR 6.5.1 Improved deblur algorithm for OneD,…

Best Practices for Maximizing Barcode Reader Technology [eBook Series 5 of 6]

Maximizing barcode technology dynamsoft

Resolution The quality of the barcode image produced by your chosen barcode generator matters. Generally, a barcode reader processes the counting of pixels in an area to determine the width and location of a particular bar in a barcode symbol. So, a lack of resolution can interfere with this process. Usually, a minimum of 200…

Best Practices for Maximizing Barcode Reader Technology [eBook Series 4 of 6]

Maximizing barcode technology dynamsoft

Smooth-Zooming Another related process that can impact decoding speed is when you must smooth a barcode. This essentially adds resolution and darkens damaged barcodes that are heavily faded and lacking pixel density.  But this isn’t just about duplicating pixels to darken it since this can negatively impact barcode recognition.   Smoothing a barcode that is…

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