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  • From Text Recognition to Data Control

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps users capture and recognize text information from images. However, basic OCR technology cannot meet the growing requirement for data control, meaning that in some complex scenarios, we may need to extract critical data from a specified region. Dynamsoft has developed some new extraction technologies powered...

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  • Introduction to Dynamsoft OCR SDK

    Introduction to OCR What is OCR OCR (optical character recognition) is software used by a computer to recognize text in a graphic format and turn it into computer text, which can be read and edited normally. For example, one might take a picture of a car’s license plate, and OCR...

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  • Getting EHR Satisfaction Through a Successful Adoption Process [eBook series 6 of 6]

    Finally, we are at the last step to getting EHR satisfaction. In order to get there, we need to decide who will be implementing the EHR requirements to ensure a successful adoption process. Download your eBook Off-the-Shelf or Custom-Built To start, one needs to compare the advantages of building an...

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  • How EHR Users Interact With Fundamental Technologies [eBook series 2 of 6]

    Previously we talked about two important fundamental technologies, Scan and Barcode. In this blog post we will briefly go over another mature technology that can be utilized to greatly enrich an EHR application and how do users benefit from these technologies through various scenarios. Download your eBook The Power of...

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  • Cloud vs On-Premise Software for Digital Document Management

    There is no question that a digital document management system provides easier access to documents from anywhere compared to a paper-based system. This is one of the primary reasons for adopting a DMS – accessibility. A DMS can remove all kinds of barriers to access, allowing for teams to collaborate...

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  • Where and How is OCR Used

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is a mature technology with wide business use. Essentially, it lets users extract text from an image so it can be manipulated in a word processor or database. In other words, it turns an otherwise difficult-to-use image into meaningful content. So, what are some of...

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  • What is OCR and Ideal Settings to Maximize Extraction for Meaningful Data

    There are a myriad of technology enablers to help organizations go paperless. Among the top considerations is optical character recognition technology (OCR technology). OCR is a powerful tool that is often part of any document management system (DMS). But, how can organizations ensure they get the most out of it?...

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  • 3 Best Practice Tips for Effective Mobile Content Capture

    Mobile content capture continues to grow as more and more, smartphones are being used as primary devices. As Statista points out, automatic data capture solutions are regularly deployed for factory, warehouse, and logistics applications, and include both handheld and stationary bar code scanning and imaging devices, as well as bar code printers,...

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  • Recommended Scan Settings for the Best OCR Accuracy

    Business productivity goes down when the paper starts stacking up in the office, which makes it impossible to have an office workspace without a document scanner. Every day millions of documents are scanned for finding, storing, verifying, and sharing information. This digital transit of documents requires a fast and accurate...

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  • How to OCR PDF in a .NET Desktop Application

    Convert a PDF file to an image and read text from the image in C# / VB.NET Recently, several customers have asked us if it’s possible to use Dynamic .NET TWAIN to convert a PDF file to an image, and then extract text from it, all in a .NET desktop app....

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  • How to do zone OCR in C# using Dynamic .NET TWAIN

    Optical character recognition (OCR) is an important part of document management workflow. With OCR, the scanned images of documents can be stored more compactly. OCR also lets the scanned document be converted so the text becomes searchable. Sometimes you may not want to OCR through the whole page of an...

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