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Design of the ImageSource Object

An ImageSource object defines an image source to be created and maintained by Capture Vision Router (CVR).

    "Name": "DirectoryFetcher_0",
    "DirectoryPath": "C:\\Users\\Admin\\Pictures\\",
    "FileFilter": "",
    "Recursive": 1,
    "PDFReadingMode": {
        "Mode": "PDFRM_RASTER",
        "DPI": 300,
        "TargetType": "TT_PAGE"
    "Pages": [0,3,5,7,10]

Example 1 – Parameters of ImageSource

Summary of ImageSource top-level parameters

Parameter Name Description
Name Represents the name of the ImageSource object, which serves as its unique identifier.
Type Indicates the type of the ImageSource object, which helps CVR create the correct type of image source.
DirectoryPath Specifies a local directory, the files within which are fetched as images to process.
FileFilter Specifies a file name filter string, which determines which files are fetched.
Recursive Indicates whether to fetch files recursively.
PDFReadingMode Defines how to handle PDF files.
Pages Sets the 0-based page indexes of a file (.tiff or .pdf) for barcode searching.

Table 1 – Parameters Summary of ImageSource

Sub Parameters of PDFReadingMode

Parameter Name Description
Mode Specifies the operation mode. Read more about PDFReadingMode.
DPI Specifies the DPI used when rasterizing a PDF into images.
TargetType Specifies a the target type. Read more about TargetType.

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