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The SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings interface provides a standardized way to adjust a select set of settings for a given CaptureVisionTemplate.

interface SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings {
    barcodeSettings: SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings;
    capturedResultItemTypes: EnumCapturedResultItemType;
    documentSettings: SimplifiedDocumentNormalizerSettings;
    labelSettings: SimplifiedLabelRecognizerSettings;
    minImageCaptureInterval: number;
    roi: Quadrilateral;
    roiMeasuredInPercentage: boolean;


Specifies the basic settings for the barcode reader module. It is of type SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings.

barcodeSettings: SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings;

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Specifies the types of result items that are expected to be returned. It is of type EnumCapturedResultItemType.

capturedResultItemTypes: EnumCapturedResultItemType;

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Specifies the basic settings for the document normalizer module. It is of type SimplifiedDocumentNormalizerSettings.

documentSettings: SimplifiedDocumentNormalizerSettings;

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Specifies the basic settings for the label recognizer module. It is of type SimplifiedLabelRecognizerSettings.

labelSettings: Dynamsoft.DLR.SimplifiedLabelRecognizerSettings;

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Specifies the shortest time span, in milliseconds, that must elapse between two successive image captures. Opting for a higher interval decreases capture frequency, which can lower the system’s processing load and conserve energy. On the other hand, a smaller interval value increases the frequency of image captures, enhancing the system’s responsiveness.

Handling of Special Values:

-1: This value ensures the image source waits until processing of the current image is complete before starting to acquire the next one. This approach ensures there is a deliberate pause between processing consecutive images.

0 (The default setting): Adopting this value means the image source queues up the next image for immediate availability once processing of the current image is finished, facilitating continuous, uninterrupted image processing.

minImageCaptureInterval: number;


Designates the region of interest (ROI) within an image, limiting the image processing activities exclusively to this specified area. It is of type Quadrilateral.

roi: Quadrilateral;

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Determines if the coordinates for the region of interest (ROI) are expressed in percentage terms (true) or as exact pixel measurements (false).

roiMeasuredInPercentage: boolean;

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