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Preset CaptureVisionTemplates

The following shows the preset CaptureVisionTemplates

Template Name Function Description Available with
ReadBarcodes_Default Scans a single barcode. dynamsoft-barcode-reader
ReadSingleBarcode Quickly scans a single barcode. dynamsoft-barcode-reader
ReadBarcodes_SpeedFirst Prioritizes speed in scanning multiple barcodes. dynamsoft-barcode-reader
ReadBarcodes_ReadRateFirst Maximizes the number of barcodes read. dynamsoft-barcode-reader
ReadBarcodes_Balance Balances speed and quantity in reading multiple barcodes. dynamsoft-barcode-reader
ReadDenseBarcodes Specialized in reading barcodes with high information density. dynamsoft-barcode-reader
ReadDistantBarcodes Capable of reading barcodes from extended distances. dynamsoft-barcode-reader
DetectDocumentBoundaries_Default Identifies the edges of a document. dynamsoft-document-normalizer
NormalizeDocument_Default Adjusts a document to a standard format using detected borders. dynamsoft-document-normalizer
DetectAndNormalizeDocument_Default Detects document edges and standardizes its format. dynamsoft-document-normalizer
RecognizeTextLines_Default Identifies and reads any text present. dynamsoft-label-recognizer
RecognizeNumbers Specializes in recognizing numerical data. dynamsoft-label-recognizer
RecognizeLetters Identifies both uppercase and lowercase English alphabets. dynamsoft-label-recognizer
RecognizeNumbersAndLetters Reads both numbers and English alphabets (any case). dynamsoft-label-recognizer
RecognizeNumbersAndUppercaseLetters Scans numbers and uppercase English alphabets. dynamsoft-label-recognizer
RecognizeUppercaseLetters Focuses on recognizing uppercase English alphabets. dynamsoft-label-recognizer
Default Versatile function for barcode reading, document detection, or text recognition. Any of the above three modules

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