• Customizable image scanning and loading process
  • Compatible with TWAIN Specification 2.1, and backwards compatible with earlier specifications
  • Save and upload images to a local disk, FTP site, web server or database
  • Supports BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, multi-page TIFF, and multi-page PDF file formats
  • WinForms & WPF controls available for most components
  • Supports WinForms (.NET Framework V2.0 SP2 and above) &WPF (.NET Framework V3.5 SP 1 and above) applications


  • Capture Images from Scanners and Webcams

    Acquire images from scanners and other TWAIN compliant devices

    • Supports Native, Buffered Memory, and Disk File image transfer modes.
    • Support for Auto Document Feeder (ADF) and batch scanning.
    • Supports the modification of common device features using TWAIN properties. Modifiable features include IfAutoFeed, IfAutoScan, Resolution, BitDepth, Brightness, Contrast, Unit, Duplex, and so on.
    • Supports blank page detection.
    • Support for extracting images from PDF files.
    • Supports changing and saving scanner profiles.

    Capture Images from UVC and WIA compliant webcams.

    • Capture images and display live streams from a selected webcam.
    • Customize image properties:
    • Resolution, Framerate, MediaType
    • Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Sharpness,
    • Gamma, White Balance, BacklightCompensation, Gain, ColorEnable Zoom, Focus, Exposure, Iris, Pan, Tilt, Roll
  • A Range of Useful Add-ons

    Add text, rectangles, lines or eclipses to your PDF files.

    PDF Rasterizer:

    Load and convert vector-based PDF documents to raster images.

    Barcode Generator & Reader:

    Read/write 1D&2D barcodes from/to images.

    Optical Character Recognition:

    OCR images to convert them to a searchable PDF, text file or string. Many different Asian languages are supported, as well as Arabic. Handwritten files are also recognizable.

  • WinForms & WPF Support
    WinForms WPF
    Dynamic .NET TWAIN Scanner Module
    Dynamic .NET TWAIN Webcam Module
    Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK
    Barcode Generator SDK
    PDF Annotation
    PDF Rasterizer
  • Robust Image Loading/Viewing Support

    Supports loading images in BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, multi-page TIFF, PDF and multi-page PDF formats.

    Images can be loaded from a local disk, FTP site, HTTP site, or database.

    Supports loading encrypted PDF files

    Supports loading vector-based PDF files

    BMP, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF image decoding with one of the most comprehensive sets of .NET imaging components available.

  • Advanced Image Editing

    Supports advanced image editing features, including Rotate, Flip, Mirror, Crop, Erase, and etc.

    Supports zoom in/out.

    Supports annotation.

    Supports managing scanned images by its GUID (Globally Unique Identifier).

  • Save & Upload / Download

    Supports reading and writing images via file stream.

    Supports saving acquired images to local disk, web server or database in BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, multi-page TIFF, PDF, and multi-page PDF formats.

    Supports RLE, G3/G4, LZW, PackBits, and TIFF compression.

    Supports uploading and downloading via HTTPS.

    Supports BMP, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF image encoding via one of the most comprehensive set of .NET imaging components available.

    Supports appending newly acquired images to TIFF documents.

  • Deployment

    Supports Xcopy deployment.

    Royalty-free runtime distribution.