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13.0 (06/20/2017)


  • [HTML5 Only] Replaced Dynamic Web TWAIN service with the unified Dynamsoft Service. More info ›
  • [HTML5 Only] Replaced the barcode add-on and the webcam add-on with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK and Dynamsoft Camera SDK. More info ›
  • [HTML5 Only] Authorization prompts now support multiple languages.
  • [HTML5 Only] The method LoadImageFromBase64Binary can now be called asynchronously.
  • [HTML5 Only] Much improved performance for the communication between browsers and the service.


  • [HTML5 Only] Changed the default behavior of the authorization prompts to "always hide".


  • Fixed a bug where cropping an image doesn't use the new coordinates when the image has been scrolled.
  • Fixed a bug where you see an unnecessary error 'TypeMismatchError' when loading a multi-page TIFF/PDF.


  • The ActiveX edition stays unchanged for this upgrade.

12.3.1 (04/14/2017)


  • [HTML5 Only] Updated the certificates used by Dynamic Web TWAIN service to handle the incompatibility in IE 10/11 on Windows 7/8/8.1.

12.3 (04/06/2017)


  • [HTML5 Only] Updated the certificates used by Dynamic Web TWAIN service to handle the updates introduced in Chrome 58+.
  • [HTML5 Only] Updated the key exchange as well as the cipher in Dynamic Web TWAIN service for secure connections.

12.2 (01/10/2017)


  • [HTML5 Only] Improved the SSL certificate by updating the signature algorithm to SHA256
  • [HTML5 Only] Improved the Web TWAIN service to handle the new certificate


  • Fixed a bug where scanning might fail if the user doesn't register the event OnPostTransfer
  • Fixed a bug where CreateDWTObject still tries to connect to non-SSL ports even when the page is running in HTTPS

12.1 (11/03/2016)


  • Added the Linux Edition to support Firefox and Chrome on 64bit Linux OS.
  • [HTML5 Only] Added a new method SetUploadSegment which can be used to set the threshold for segmented upload as well as size of each segment.


  • [HTML5 Only] Improved the method CreateDWTObject to allow listening on multiple IPs.
  • [HTML5 Only] Improved the OCR pro license to allow using multiple licenses.
  • Improved how the SDK works in Edge. Now you can run local pages directly in Edge.


  • Fixed a bug where CurrentImageIndexInBuffer and HowManyImagesInBuffer return wrong values in the callback for the event OnPostLoad.
  • Fixed errors with license error messages.
  • Fixed a bug where an image disappears when you try to get information like resolution or size of the image in the callback for the OnPostTransfer event.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'decoding tiff' dialogue appears when converting PDF files to images.

12.0 (09/22/2016)


  • [HTML5 Only] Added a new method HTTPUpload which supports uploading files as binary as well as base64 string. The method also supports segmented upload when handling big files.
  • [HTML5 Only] Added a new method ConvertToBase64 which supports converting one or more images to a base64 string.
  • [HTML5 Only] Added a new method SetHTTPHeader which supports adding a header to an HTTP Upload Post request.
  • [HTML5 Only] Added a new method GetImageURL which returns the direct URL of an image based on its index in the buffer.
  • Added a new property IfAutoScroll which when set to false will stop the automatic scrolling of the viewer when scanning or loading images.
  • [HTML5 Only] Added a new security feature called Dynamsoft Authentication which requires more user interaction when dealing with local files or devices.
  • Added MSI installers for both ActiveX and HTML5 editions.


  • Improved the method ChangeImageSize by adding a new mechanism for the new option "Best Quality".
  • Improved the way license verification is done and optimized the error messages for license issues.
  • Improved the way a Web TWAIN object is created by adding global methods like Dynamsoft.WebTwainEnv.CreateDWTObject and Dynamsoft.WebTwainEnv.DeleteDWTObject.
  • Improved the image editor's zooming feature by allowing it to zoom centered by the position of the mouse.
  • Improved the way uploading is done by adding a MD5 to every upload Post request.


  • Fixed a bug where MagData doesn't work during scanning.
  • Fixed a bug with the Mac edition where TIFF files are loaded with inverted colors.
  • Fixed a bug where the event OnPostLoad gets triggered twice when loading a file.
  • Fixed a bug with the ActiveX where selecting an image area returns the wrong coordinates when the image is bigger than the viewer (scrollbars are shown).
  • Fixed a bug where CurrentImageIndexInBuffer and HowManyImagesInBuffer are not updated correctly when the method LoadImagesFromBase64Binary is used.

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