Introducing REST API Access for Enhanced Document Scanning Capabilities

Dynamic Web TWAIN is recognized for its capability in online document scanning. Its structure includes two core components:

  • Dynamsoft Service: This module processes commands from a JavaScript client, interfaces with TWAIN/SANE/WIA/eSCL/ICA protocols, and returns the scanned data to the JavaScript layer.
  • JavaScript Client: This JavaScript library communicates with the Dynamsoft Service, managing user requests and forwarding them to the Web TWAIN service as well as controlling the user interface display.

In earlier iterations, the Dynamsoft Service was limited to interaction with the JavaScript library. However, version v18.4 introduces a change: the service now supports document scanning via RESTful APIs.

Note: This feature is currently in beta.


Expanded Capabilities for Developers

What does this mean for developers? Simply put, a world of new possibilities.

  • This update allows developers to engage with a broader spectrum of programming languages when handling document scanning.
  • Cross-platform development, enabling the creation of desktop, web, and mobile scanning applications.

Driverless Scanning for End Users

Moreover, with the RESTful API, centralized scanner management becomes feasible. For instance, in a clinic:

A primary workstation manages all connected scanning devices, being wireless or wired scanners. With the Dynamsoft Service installed, the central workstation provides scanning functions as a REST service. Medical staff, such as technologists and radiologists, can access any scanner via this system without the need for additional software or scanner drivers on their computers.

By centralizing the scanning function, there’s no need for individual service installations on staff devices. This approach, especially in environments where software installation is restricted, reduces IT efforts and costs.

Developer Guide: Using RESTful APIs in Various Programming Languages

To assist software developers in leveraging these RESTful APIs, we provide comprehensive step-by-step guides in multiple languages:

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