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Decode From an Image Sample

DecodeFromAnImage sample shows how to pick an image from system album and decode the image.

View the sample code

In the sample, you can see how to read an image from the album as a Bitmap and use capture(bitmap,templateName) method to process the Bitmap.

The following capture methods are also available to process the other image types.

When triggering the capture methods, a template name is required. You can use the enumeration PresetTemplate to specify one of the preset templates or input the name of your customized template. Barcode decoding preset templates are available as follow:

  • readBarcodes: The default barcode decoding template. It is speed-first and only read one barcode from an single image.
  • readBarcodesSpeedFirst: The speed-first barcode decoding template. Different from the default template, this template can read multiple barcodes at once.
  • readBarcodesReadRateFirst: The read-rate-first barcode decoding template. It can read as many barcodes as possible.
  • readSingleBarcode: This is a template designed for single barcode decoding. Only read one barcode at once.

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