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Sample Name Description
HelloWorld The simplest video streaming barcode scanner.
GeneralSettings Guide on barcode formats, expected barcode count and scan region settings.
SpeedFirstSettings Parameter configuration guide on improving the speed of barcode reading.
ReadRateFirstSettings Parameter configuration guide on improving the read rate of barcode reading.
AccuracyFirstSettings Parameter configuration guide on improving the accuracy of barcode reading.
ReadADriversLicense Illustrates how to read and extract the information of a driver’s license.


About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader Android Samples

Before you start viewing the samples, the following concepts may help you understand how to get started with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader.


A network connection is required to verify the public trial license in the samples. If your license is expired, you can go to the customer portal to request for a private trial license.


In the samples, we are illustrating the performance settings from 3 different aspects: Speed, Read Rate and Accuracy. The parameter configurations are generally speed-friendly, read-rate-friendly and accuracy-friendly settings but might not be the best settings for your own usage scenario. The samples can help you on getting a basic understanding of the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader parameters. Please feel free to contact us for further support on optimizing the parameters.

Video Barcode Decoding

Most of the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader mobile samples are designed for video barcode decoding. Dynamsoft Camera Enhancer (DCE) is applied to the video barcode decoding samples to support the acquisition of video input. At the same time, some of the DCE features benefit the barcode decoding, which is illustrated in the samples. For more usage about DCE, please view more in DCE online documents.

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