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Stores the OneD code details.


typedef struct tagOneDCodeDetails  OneDCodeDetails


Attribute Type
moduleSize int
startCharsBytes unsigned char *
startCharsBytesLength int
stopCharsBytes unsigned char *
stopCharsBytesLength int
checkDigitBytes unsigned char *
checkDigitBytesLength int
reserved char[32]


The barcode module size (the minimum bar width in pixel).

int tagOneDCodeDetails::moduleSize


The start chars in a byte array.

unsigned char* tagOneDCodeDetails::startCharsBytes


The length of the start chars byte array.

int tagOneDCodeDetails::startCharsBytesLength


The stop chars in a byte array.

unsigned char* tagOneDCodeDetails::stopCharsBytes


The length of the stop chars byte array.

int tagOneDCodeDetails::stopCharsBytesLength


The check digit chars in a byte array.

unsigned char* tagOneDCodeDetails::checkDigitBytes


The length of the check digit chars byte array.

int tagOneDCodeDetails::checkDigitBytesLength


Reserved memory for the struct. The length of this array indicates the size of the memory reserved for this struct.

char tagOneDCodeDetails::reserved[32]

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