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The CQRCodeDetails class represents the details of a QR Code. It is derived from the CBarcodeDetails class and contains various attributes related to the QR Code.


Namespace: dynamsoft::dbr

Assembly: DynamsoftBarcodeReader

Inheritance: CBarcodeDetails -> CQRCodeDetails

class CQRCodeDetails : public CBarcodeDetails


Attribute Type
rows int
columns int
errorCorrectionLevel QRCodeErrorCorrectionLevel
version int
model int
mode int
page int
totalPage int
parityData unsigned char


The row count of the QR Code.

int rows


The column count of the QR Code.

int columns


The error correction level of the QR Code.

QRCodeErrorCorrectionLevel errorCorrectionLevel

See Also

Enumeration QRCodeErrorCorrectionLevel


The version of the QR Code.

int version


Number of models of the QR Code.

int model


Identify the first data encoding mode of the QR Code.

int mode


Identify the position of the particular symbol in the Structured Append format of the QR Code.

int page


Identify the total number of symbols to be concatenated in the Structured Append format of the QR Code.

int totalPage


The Parity Data shall be an 8 bit byte following the Symbol Sequence Indicator. The parity data is a value obtained by XORing byte by byte the ASCII/JIS values of all the original input data before division into symbol blocks.

unsigned char parityData

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