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The SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings struct contains settings for barcode decoding. It is a sub-parameter of SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings


typedef struct tagSimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings
    unsigned long long barcodeFormatIds;
    int expectedBarcodesCount;
    GrayscaleTransformationMode grayscaleTransformationModes[8];
    GrayscaleEnhancementMode grayscaleEnhancementModes[8];
    LocalizationMode localizationModes[8];
    DeblurMode deblurModes[10];
    int minResultConfidence;
    int minBarcodeTextLength;
    char barcodeTextRegExPattern[256];
    int maxThreadsInOneTask;
    int scaleDownThreshold;
    char reserved[508];
} SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings;


Attribute Type
barcodeFormatIds unsigned long long
expectedBarcodesCount int
grayscaleTransformationModes GrayscaleTransformationMode[8]
grayscaleEnhancementModes GrayscaleEnhancementMode[8]
localizationModes LocalizationMode[8]
deblurModes DeblurMode[10]
minResultConfidence int
minBarcodeTextLength int
barcodeTextRegExPattern char
maxThreadsInOneTask int
scaleDownThreshold int
reserved char[508]


Input a combined value of enumeration BarcodeFormat to specify the targeting barcode formats.

unsigned long long barcodeFormatIds;


Set the expected barcode count. The default value is 0.

int expectedBarcodesCount;


  • Set expectedBarcodesCount to 0 if the barcode count is unknown. The library will try to find at least 1 barcode.
  • Set expectedBarcodesCount to 1 to reach the highest speed for processing single barcode.
  • Set expectedBarcodesCount to “n” if there will be “n” barcodes to process from an image.
  • Set expectedBarcodesCount to the highest expected value if there exists multiple barcode but the exact count is not confirmed.


Set the grayscale transformation modes with an array of enumeration GrayscaleTransformationMode. View the reference page of GrayscaleTransformationModes for more detail about grayscale transformation modes.

GrayscaleTransformationMode grayscaleTransformationModes[8];


Set the grayscale enhancement modes with an array of enumeration GrayscaleEnhancementMode. View the reference page of GrayscaleEnhancementModes for more detail about grayscale enhancement modes.

GrayscaleEnhancementMode grayscaleEnhancementModes[8];


Set the location modes with an array of enumeration LocalizationMode. View the reference page of LocalizationModes for more detail about location modes.

LocalizationMode localizationModes[8];


Set the deblur modes with an array of enumeration DeblurMode. View the reference page of DeblurModes for more detail about deblur modes.

DeblurMode deblurModes[10];


Set the minimum result confidence to filter out the low confidence results. The default value is 30.

int minResultConfidence;


Set the minimum barcode text length to filter out the unqualified results.

int minBarcodeTextLength;


Set the RegEx pattern of the barcode text to filter out the unqualified results.

char barcodeTextRegExPattern[256];


Set the maximum available threads count in one barcode decoding task.

int maxThreadsInOneTask;


Set the threshold for image shrinking.

int scaleDownThreshold;


Reserved for future use.

char reserved[508];

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