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Release Notes for .NET Edition - 9.x

9.6.10 (01/10/2023)


  • Added a new method SetLicenseCachePath in the BarcodeReader class to support customizing the license cache saving path.
  • Add a new method GetDeviceUUID in the BarcodeReader class to support getting device UUID for license activating.
  • Added error code DMERR_LICENSE_BUFFER_FAILED to the potential error list of the license activation methods and decode methods. The error code is returned when the directory of the license cache is inaccessible.


  • Improved the performance of Direct Part Marking (DPM) barcode decoding.
  • Improved the performance of GS1 Databar barcode decoding.


  • Fixed a crash bug when using a online license key on ARM64 environment.
  • Fixed a crash bug when using a online license key on the AWS lambda environment.
  • Fixed a bug that some OneD barcodes without start & stop characters are not decoded when parameter RequireStartStopChars is set to 0.
  • Other small fixes and tweaks.

9.6.0 (11/29/2022)

Version Highlights

  • Image orientation handling is supported by a new feature. With the new feature, you can:
    • Get a TranformationMatrix along with the barcode location result.
    • Implement coordinates transformation on the barcode location result with the TransformationMatrix.
  • DotCode decoding is improved by optimizing the localization of DotCodes that are close to one another.
  • EAN8 barcode decoding is improved by honing the accuracy of localization algorithms.
  • QR code localizing is improved by reducing the mis-assemble rate of the finder patterns when using the localization mode LM_CONNECTED_BLOCK or LM_SCAN_DIRECTLY, which are designed for speed. The mis-assembling only occurs when there exist dense QR codes on the same image.
  • Mirrored rectangular DataMatrix barcode is supported by implementing MirrorMode when localizing the barcodes.
  • Deformed barcode decoding is improved by extending the supported modes and mode arguments of DeformationResistingModes.

Edition Highlights

  • Added duplicate barcode filter feature in video mode. You can implement duplicate filter to ignore duplicate barcodes for a period.



  • Added a property Orientation to class FrameDecodingParameters to set the orientation information of the video frame.
  • Added Orientation to class ImageData to set the orientation information.
  • Enabled decoding methods DecodeFile(), DecodeFileinMemory() and DecodeBase64String() to read EXIF data of the given image so that the library can obtain the orientation information of the image file.
  • Added a override method DecodeBuffer() with a new parameter Orientation to set the orientation information of the image data.
  • Added a property TransformationMatrix to class LocalizationResult so that the library can output a transformation matrix for transforming the localization coordinates to image’s natural orientation.
  • Added a method TransformCoordinates() to support transforming the coordinates of a point based on a given transformation matrix.
  • Added a property DuplicateForgetTime to class FrameDecodingParameters to set the time period used to filter out duplicate results found in frames.
  • Added a method SetUniqueBarcodeCallback() to set callback function to obtain unique barcode result.
  • Added properties HasLeftRowIndicator and HasRightRowIndicator to class PDF417Details to return whether the left and right row indicator of the PDF417 barcode is detected.
  • Added a member BF2_ALL to enumeration BarcodeFormatIds_2 to support setting all barcode formats in BarcodeFormat group 2 with one enumeration.
  • Extended the features of parameter DeformationResistingModes:


  • Improved the accuracy when processing multiple QR codes.
  • Improved the processing speed by excluding incorrectly located barcode zones before decoding.
  • Improved the creation, destruction and acquisition logic of concurrent instances.
  • Improved the accuracy of EAN8 localization result(s).
  • Improved the localization of mirrored DataMatrix barcode by implementing MirrorMode.


  • Fixed a bug that DotCodes might not be decoded when they are densely arranged.
  • Fixed a crash bug when trying to output a template which included BarcodeTextRegExPattern.
  • Other small fixes and tweaks.

9.4.0 (08/30/2022)


  • DotCode decoding has been improved by optimizing the localization and decoding algorithm.
  • Stacked, skewed or perspective distorted OneD barcode decoding has been improved.



  • Added an argument IsOneDStacked to LM_SCAN_DIRECTLY to process stacked OneD barcodes.
  • Added a parameter PatchCodeSearchingMargins to specify the searching area of PatchCode.
  • Added the supported data format of FormatSpecification.PartitionModes to enhance the readability of the parameters. Users can use a list of enumeration names to specify the PartitionModes.


  • Improved the localization mode LM_LINES to better support skewed and perspective OneD barcodes.
  • Enhanced tamper resistance of the license keys so that any change to the license string makes it invalid.


9.2.0 (06/07/2022)


  • Barcode boundary-seeking algorithm is refactored to improve stability.
  • Pharmacode decoding is optimized to improve accuracy.
  • The function of device-alias is added to allow users to give each device a readable name. For end-users and administrators, this makes it more friendly to distinguish between devices about license usage statistics.



9.0.0 (03/15/2022)


  • Simplified the license activation steps. Different license activation APIs are integrated into initLicense method.
  • Added support for Pharmacode.
  • Added support for Code 11, a 1D format.
  • Deformation resisting modes DRM_BROAD_WARP, DRM_LOCAL_REFERENCE and DRM_DEWRINKLE are optimized and detached from DRM_GENERAL. Users can specify a more effective deformation resisting mode when processing QRCode and DataMatrix codes.
  • Optimized the confidence scoring system for PDF417 codes.




  • Changed value of BF_ONED under Enumeration EnumBarcodeFormat to 0x003007FF to have BF_CODE_11 combined.
  • Changed value of BF_ALL under Enumeration EnumBarcodeFormat to 0xFE3FFFFF to have BF_CODE_11 combined.
  • Changed the behaviour of DeformationResistingMode DRM_GENERAL which now only applies basic process to resist deformation.
  • Changed the return value of the method GetIdleInstancesCount from 0 to -1 when the available count needs to be updated from server by calling InitLicense.


  • Fixed a bug that might cause a crash when using multiple threads for barcode decoding.
  • Fixed a bug that Function Code 1 (FNC1) character would not return if it was in the first position of GS1-128 codes.
  • Other small fixes and tweaks.


The following items are now deprecated. They still work in this version but could be removed in the near future.

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