Dynamic Web TWAIN V12.2 Migrates from SHA-1 to SHA-2

Dynamic Web TWAIN migrates from SHA-1 to SHA-2

We are happy to announce the release of v12.2 of Dynamic Web TWAIN which migrates the certificate algorithm from SHA-1 to SHA-2 for the scanning service. Major browsers are deprecating the support of SHA-1 signed certificates. Chrome 56, and Firefox 51, scheduled to be released in Jan. 2017, will stop trusting SHA–1 certificates originating at…

How to run Dynamsoft Document Imaging Plugins in Firefox 30 or Later

Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 30 on June 10. Since this version, Firefox will deactivate plugins, with the exception of those bundled inside an extension or ones that are whitelisted, by default. To use Dynamsoft’s document imaging NPAPI Plugins (Dynamic Web TWAIN/ImageCapture Suite) in Firefox 30, please follow the steps below. We will…

How to Scan Documents from Chrome, Firefox, Safari & other Browsers

Scan documents from chrome, firefox, safari, linux, and others

We receive a lot of requests from customers stating they are developing a web-based system that will use JavaScript/JQuery for the client-side and PHP for the server side. Their system enables users to scan documents from a browser using the client side scanner, edit, and then upload images to a database on the server. However, their users might use:…

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