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DynamsoftCore Module

The Core module is defined in the namespace Dynamsoft.Core. It consists of the classes CoreModule and ImageSourceAdapter plus a few interfaces and enumerations.

CoreModule Class

This class defines common functionality in the Core module.

Name Description
static detectEnvironment() Detects and returns information about the current runtime environment.
static engineResourcePaths Configures the paths where the .wasm files and other necessary resources for modules are located.
static getVersion() Returns the version of the Core module.
static isModuleLoaded() Returns whether the WebAssembly (.wasm) file for the specified module is successfully loaded.
static loadWasm() Initiates the loading process for the .wasm file(s) corresponding to the specified module(s).

ImageSourceAdapter Class

The ImageSourceAdapter class defines how an image source should be defined in order to interact with the CaptureVisionRouter class. Note that this is an abstract class and can’t be directly instantiated.

The APIs for this class are:

Name Description
addImageToBuffer() Adds an image to the internal buffer.
clearBuffer() Clears all images from the buffer, resetting the state for new image fetching.
getBufferOverflowProtectionMode() Returns the current mode for handling buffer overflow situations.
getColourChannelUsageType() Retrieves the current usage type for color channels in images.
getImage() Returns a buffered image.
getImageCount() Retrieves the current number of images in the buffer.
getMaxImageCount() Returns the maximum number of images that can be buffered at any time.
hasImage() Checks if an image with the specified ID is present in the buffer.
hasNextImageToFetch() Determines whether there are more images available to fetch.
isBufferEmpty() Determines whether the buffer is currently empty.
setErrorListener() Sets an error listener to receive notifications about errors that occur during image source operations.
setBufferOverflowProtectionMode() Sets the behavior for handling new incoming images when the buffer is full.
setColourChannelUsageType() Sets the usage type for color channels in images.
setMaxImageCount() Sets the maximum number of images the buffer can hold.
setNextImageToReturn() Sets the processing priority of a specific image, affecting the order in which images are returned.
startFetching() Starts the process of fetching images.
stopFetching() Stops the process of fetching images.


The following are the basic interfaces often shared by more than one module:

Basic Shapes

Basic Structures

Intermediate Results


The following are the basic enumerations often shared by more than one module:

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