Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK Now Supports DPM Barcode Scanning and Decoding

The SDK offers a three-pronged approach to combat the unique challenges of reading and decoding DPM barcodes.

VANCOUVER,British Columbia (PRWEB) – September 24, 2019

Dynamsoft has introduced support for Direct Part Marking (DPM) barcodes to serve customers in aerospace, automotive, electronic manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications and other industries in need of tracking parts through their full life cycle.

DPM bar codes contain important information used to identify parts, provide manufacture dates, safety requirements, warranty information, and much more. However, they are in a class of their own in their difficult to decode. As a result, they require a special barcode reader due to a variety of unique scan and decode challenges.

Color and contrast are common problems, often because background and foreground colors are too similar between the part and a DPM barcode. Second, unlike Data Matrix barcodes that use two solid lines, DPMs use dots. If dots are too close together or too far apart it can cause decoding errors. They can also have inconsistent dot shapes that cause problems. And, surface Imperfection problems are also common due to varying textures, reflections, curves, and so on. Finally, lighting is an issue either because DPMs are often in underlit areas or when put under lighting have highly reflective surfaces.

Dynamsoft's DPM Barcode Solution

With Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader Software Development Kit (SDK) version 7.2, support for DPM barcodes is now possible. The SDK offers a three-pronged approach to combat the unique challenges of reading and decoding DPM barcodes.

First, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader relies on self-adjusting statistical features of the image to detect the barcode border and orientation. Dynamsoft’s border identification is based on a statistical index and is learning results oriented. Dynamsoft also employs a module partition technique allowing the SDK to overcome negative effects of both perspective and border errors. That results in the capacity of partitioning the modules as reasonable as possible. Finally, the SDK also uses module Identification which allows for the identification of a barcode using discriminative features. These capabilities combine to provide industry-leading SDK performance for scanning DPM barcodes at very competitive pricing.

Pricing and Availability

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK Version 7.2 is now available for download from the Dynamsoft website. It is provided with rich code samples. Developers can also try a live online demo and download trial versions from the product page. There are various technical support channels for the SDK, including email, chat, phone, an online knowledge base, and more. Pricing varies by license configuration options and these details can be found one the company website.

About Dynamsoft Corp.

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