Dynamsoft Announces Powerful Mobile Web Capture Solution for Developers

Mobile Web Capture Solution Turns Mobile Devices into Powerful Scanning Devices

VANCOUVER, BC - Feb 12, 2024

Dynamsoft, a leading computer vision developer tool specialist, today announced a new embeddable solution for document capture on mobile devices.

The new solution provides a simple way for users to capture documents directly from within web browser applications. The real power for app developers lies in the customization options available to design document capture workflows that closely fit their business workflows.

Dynamsoft Mobile Web Capture is a developer solution that combines the power of the Document Normalizer and Document Viewer software development toolkits (SDKs). The solution is available immediately and can be evaluated through a fully supported 30-day free trial.

For users:

  • Capture documents on-the-go. Enables mobile browsers to be used for fast, easy document capture, without having to download a separate app and go through multiple steps.
  • Turn mobile devices into powerful scanning devices. Using mobile devices instead of scanners means users can scan without leaving their desks and hardware costs are reduced.
  • Capture higher quality images. Documents are captured and cropped automatically as soon as borders are detected, meaning fewer user steps, more camera stability and higher quality images.

For business app developers:

  • Customize every aspect of document capture workflows. Flexible options to customize capture modes, manual border selection and cropping, image editing and document viewing to fit specific business workflows.
  • Clean up images for OCR. Enhance image quality and fix issues such as inconsistent lighting by applying filters, rotation and brightening before uploading to a server for data extraction via OCR.
  • Document Management. View and manage all pages within a document. Swap, share and delete pages easily. Save in various formats for efficient archiving.

"We've been empowering enterprise document capture via traditional scanners for many years with our flagship Dynamic Web TWAIN developer kit, commented Amy Gu, CEO of Dynamsoft. With this new solution, developers can transform mobile devices into powerful portable scanners and design document capture workows that match their business workflows."

Real-World Applications

The new Mobile Web Capture solution is of particular value in sectors such as finance and healthcare that still have a heavy reliance on paper-documents and are driving towards digital transformation.

In banking and insurance, fast, accurate document capture is essential for accelerating the customer onboarding process. In healthcare settings, there can be a constant stream of patient intake forms, insurance documents and consent forms that need to be digitized. In logistics, there is a need to capture Proof of Delivery notes (POD) quickly and easily from mobile devices.

About Dynamsoft

Dynamsoft is a computer vision specialist, providing barcode reading and document capture solutions for developers. Dynamsoft’s SDKs are optimized for accuracy and speed in the most challenging enterprise settings and are in use by over 10,000 customers worldwide including IBM®, Siemens®, Fujilm®, GE® Lockheed Martin® and more. More information is available at https://www.dynamsoft.com.

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