Glide Integrates Dynamsoft Technology to Enable Barcode Scanning for No Code Apps

TIBURON, CA, Jan 31, 2024

Glide, a leading no code platform for building custom business software, today announced it had partnered with Dynamsoft to integrate Dynamsoft Barcode Scanner into its platform. With this feature, Glide users can now add barcode and QR scanning functionality to their custom apps, greatly enhancing workflows for order tracking systems, inventory management tools, warehouse logistics software, and more.

"We are excited to partner with Glide to provide one-click barcode and QR scanning within their platform. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is designed for speed and accuracy in a variety of challenging conditions, making it particularly useful for Glide's diverse customer base, who have applications that span operations, engineering, manufacturing, and beyond," said Amy Gu, CEO of Dynamsoft.

  • Use your phone to scan barcodes. Glide apps are mobile-adaptive by default, so you can use your smartphone’s camera to scan barcodes or QR codes in bulk.

  • Create an attractive front-end for your data. Employees can scan, store, and process barcode data with an intuitive Glide interface instead of a messy spreadsheet.

  • Add Glide AI to power your data. Use Glide AI to analyze barcode data, extract inventory insights, and make business recommendations, such as optimizing stock levels or predicting customer demand.

  • Applicable in numerous industries. Glide apps with Dynamsoft barcode scanning can be built to fit any business's workflow, whether it’s for managing stock in retail stores, coordinating equipment in construction sites, or overseeing supply chains in manufacturing companies.

  • Designed for challenging industrial settings. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader ensures speed and accuracy in the most challenging conditions, excelling even when barcodes are dark, distorted, or blurred.

  • Scanning that scales for enterprises. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader provides robust barcode scanning capabilities, consistently performing with an unmatched speed of just 0.012 seconds per scan.

"We needed a barcode scanner that would be accurate in difficult conditions and perform exceptionally well at scale for our larger customers. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader proved to be an ideal solution, helping many of our users optimize their day-to-day operations across various industries," said Ian Leatherbury, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Glide.

About Dynamsoft

Dynamsoft is a computer vision specialist, providing barcode reading and document capture solutions for developers. Dynamsoft's SDKs are optimized for accuracy and speed in the most challenging enterprise settings and are in use by over 10,000 customers worldwide.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is a robust 1D and 2D barcode reader SDK chosen for its unmatched speed and accuracy in the most difficult conditions. It is ideally suited to industrial settings where performance needs to be consistently fast and accurate, even when barcodes are dark, wrinkled, or blurred.

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