New Dynamsoft .NET TWAIN Software Dev Kit Improves Barcode Performance 30 Percent

The Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK's Barcode Updates Cover Code39 and Code128 Barcode Recognition Improvements and Also Improves Performance of the Included PDF Rasterizer

VANCOUVER, BC – October 14, 2014

Dynamsoft Corp. has updated its .NET image capture software development kit (SDK) to improve 1D barcode processing by as much as 30 percent. This includes improved performance when reading multiple barcodes and reading barcodes in large images. Such updates are essential for better productivity in document management and processing applications.

The improvements come in Dynamsoft’s Dynamic .NET TWAIN v5.4 SDK specifically designed to aid programmers in more rapidly embedding image capture and processing into desktop applications. The 1D barcode reader improvements are for Code39 and Code128 recognition and also include improved image preprocessing. For Code128, recognition ratio and speed have jumped up by as much as 30 percent. Adopters of Dynamic .NET TWAIN v5.4 will also benefit from an improved PDF rasterizer add-on. It’s now much faster when viewing multi-page PDFs. The Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF) control for the SDK has also progressed, allowing faster image displaying and less memory consumption.

Other recent updates (v5.3) included support for the use of 32-bit TWAIN scanners from 64-bit .NET applications. This added convenience and robustness since most scanners only provide 32-bit TWAIN drivers. So, developers can create document and image capture applications without extra concern for scan compatibility of 32-bit or 64-bit environments.

The Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK is suited for desktop software developers to use in creating image capture and processing functionalities within .NET-based document management applications. This includes image captures from TWAIN scanners and DirectShow webcams. Customizable scanning configurations include ADF; duplex; resolution; pixel type; and more. It also enables saving images into a variety of formats that include JPEG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, and BMP to local disk, server, database or document libraries. Alongside the barcode reader and generator and PDF rasterizer, the SDK also offers an optical character recognition (OCR) and PDF annotation add-on.

"By some analyst estimates, the global barcode scanner market is poised for five-plus percent revenue growth through 2017 and 1D barcodes continue to dominate in use because they are easier to use and more cost-effective," said Amy Gu, Vice President of Dynamsoft. "So, naturally, it’s important for us to continue to improve the barcode performance offered with our SDKs as add-ons. Version 5.4 of Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a good leap forward in performance to help programmers develop for demanding barcode applications."

Dynamic .NET TWAIN is based on Microsoft's .NET framework, the TWAIN standard, and DirectShow Webcam Capture library. It is optimized for use in C# and Visual Basic .NET. It features built-in support for Windows® Forms (WinForms) and WPF.

Pricing and Availability

Dynamsoft's Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.4 SDK is available starting October 15, 2014. Licensing starts at $599 per developer and allows royalty-free distribution. The SDK can be purchased and downloaded at the company’s website. Multiple award-winning technical support channels are provided, including email, live chat, forum and phone.

About Dynamsoft Corp.

Founded in 2003, Dynamsoft Corp. provides enterprise-class version control software, TWAIN™ software development kits (SDK) and other document imaging SDKs. The imaging SDKs help today’s businesses seeking to migrate from wasteful paper-based workflows to efficient digitized document and records management. Dynamsoft is an associate member of the TWAIN Working Group that develops TWAIN standards. Thousands of customers use Dynamsoft's solutions. Customers include: 3M®; Apple®; EMC®; FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.; Fujitsu®; GE®; H&R Block®; HP®; IBM®, Intel®; InfoSys®; Lockheed Martin®; Olympus®; Philips®; PricewaterhouseCoopers®; Samsung®; Siemens®; Symantec®; Unisys®; Verizon®; and more. More information is available at

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