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AgileSoft Chooses Dynamic Web TWAIN for Application Scanning of Administrative Documents



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Document Scanning

Key Requirements

  • Gather data about cars and their life cycle within the county.
  • Facilitating the citizens of North Caledonia in administrative procedures related to their cars.


AgileSoft developed an application for the government of New Caledonia with the help of Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK. The application aimed to gather data about cars and their life cycle in their territory.

Government employees use the Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK to handle administrative procedures related to buying and selling cars by customers, issuing duplicate certificates, etc. The Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK helped the employees by offering a robust way of scanning customer documents.

About AgileSoft

AgileSoft, is a New-Caledonia-based company specializing in software development and IT services.

They started in 2011 and have expertise in software development and web applications. Using modern front-end frameworks like Angular, ZK, and ExtJS, they have been developing custom websites for years. For the back-end development, they use relational databases such as Postgresql, MySQL, Oracle, and NoSQL.

Technical Requirements

A team of 4 full stack developers, 1 product owner, and 1 project manager worked for almost 1.5 years to create a new application from an existing application. The scope of the latest application included the following:

  • Online payments
  • Desktop payments (using several payment modes)
  • A user-friendly and efficient appointment scheduler
  • Ability to scan customer documents

However, all these functionalities posed a technical challenge as AgileSoft did not have the required technical expertise.

AgileSoft created an application that almost 60 government officials use to handle thousands of customer queries in the office and online.

Through Dynamic Web TWAIN, AgileSoft wanted a solution to help with the administrative procedures and documents related to a car. For example, the administrative procedures included selling, buying, applying for a duplicate certificate, scheduling an appointment for a security check, etc.

The Challenge

In any given week, a government office can receive thousands of queries. Due to this, the challenge was to create an application that could handle these documents and integrate a robust and secure document scanner functionality.

AgileSoft didn't have the time, budget, or experience to develop the application from scratch. In addition, they wanted to be confident about the reliability, robustness, and efficiency of the solution.

AgileSoft quickly focused on looking for such a product online to conquer this challenge and compared multiple products. They found Dynamsoft to offer what they needed.

The Implementation of Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamsoft offered the Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK that is easy to integrate, value for money, and completely secure. With its help, AgileSoft developed an easy and robust functionality in their application for scanning customer documents without spending too much time on code and testing.

Benefits Realized

The SDK enabled AgileSoft to fulfill the primary goal of the required software and spared them the trouble of coding and testing the document scanning functionality. In addition, they were able to scan thousands of pages in one go along with ensuring their data safety. In the end, they were able to focus more on the valuable business part.

About Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN is an enterprise-grade reliable and robust browser-based document scanning SDK. It is specifically built for web applications. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, a developer can save time and effort and implement a document-scanning solution via any standard web browser. The SDK also has built-in support for image editing features like rotate, crop, mirror, contrast, brightness, and more. In addition, users can export or upload various popular file formats and use standard transfer protocols to save captures to local or network repositories.

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