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Practice Fusion Turns to Dynamsoft to Integrate a Highly Reliable Scanning Component That Supports Thousands of Monthly EHR Users





Dynamic Web TWAIN


Multi-scanner support,
Cross-browser support

Key Requirements

  • Cross-platform support
  • EHR integration


Practice Fusion, a member of the Veradigm Network, is a cloud-based U.S. ambulatory EHR system, supporting more than 31,000 clinicians in delivering health information technology (HIT) to medical organizations. The company sought to upgrade their EHR platform with a feature to help users digitize physical papers as digital documents into their platform. Toward this end, the team developing the solution understood building highly dependable, highly functional scanning components would take vast resources and much time. So, after researching solutions, the company settled on adopting Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN. In just three months, the application was up and running, supporting thousands of monthly users.


Practice Fusion is a cloud-based ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) system, committed to delivering intuitive and easy-to-use health information technology to medical organizations. Practice Fusion supports more than 31,000 clinicians and supports care to five million patients a month.

Practice Fusion, a member of the Veradigm Network, which positions it at the center of healthcare information designed to connect and empower patients, providers, and key healthcare stakeholders at the point-of-care.

As a Veradigm Network solution, Practice Fusion seamlessly integrates with clinical laboratories, pharmacies, imaging centers, health systems, and other members of the healthcare ecosystem. Through the Practice Fusion platform, these partners support the coordination of patient care and help improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs, and improve the patient experience.

Supports care to over 5 million patients a month

Offers services that make healthcare better for everyone

A Technology Need

Practice Fusion embarked on finding a reliable document scanning solution to enable their clients - healthcare professionals and staff - in digitizing the reams of physical paper documentation they deal with daily. In the end, this is possible by incorporating physical paper as digital documents in a user’s Practice Fusion EHR system.

The Practice Fusion team needed a flexible multi-platform scanning service. It had to work with a wide variety of scanners, drivers, operating systems, and hardware. This was necessary because of Practice Fusion’s large user base of over 31,000 clinicians being on distinct systems.

Getting Going with a Solution

When it came to integrating a highly reliable scanning component, they conducted research on scanning components and settled on adopting Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK.

Using Dynamsoft's SDK instead of building the application from scratch saved their development team significant time and resources that they could then allocate to other projects more relevant to their customer base.

Roughly 10 people were directly involved with the integration of Dynamsoft into Practice Fusion. This includes several members of the product development tech team, the design team, and program management.

“Using Dynamsoft's SDK instead of building the application from scratch saved our development team considerable time and resources that we were then able to allocate to other projects more unique to our customer base.”

– Daniel Walker, Sr. Program Manager, Practice Fusion

Advantages Gained

Advantages Gained

Practice Fusion was able to accomplish the time and resource savings they were after with Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web Twain. The SDK also provided the key functionalities they needed, such as paper source, color scale, file type, image resolution, crop, rotate, and display options. It took only three months to get the application up and running.

Today, a Practice Fusion user downloads the Dynamsoft Web TWAIN service installer from the Documents section of their EHR account and completes installation. Practice Fusion will automatically identify the service once installed and the user can then access the scanning interface where they can select their scanner and other standard inputs. They can then initialize a scan directly from within the EHR. The scanned image will display on the screen where it may be modified, assigned metadata (such as patient, provider, document type, etc.) and saved. The company currently averages approximately 6,000 users utilizing the TWAIN scanning tool each month.

About Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN

Briefly, Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN is an enterprise-grade reliable browser-based document scanning SDK. It is specifically designed for web applications, and the company also offers an SDK for desktop applications. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, a developer can implement an application to scan documents via any common web browser. The SDK also has built-in support for image editing features like rotate, crop, mirror, contrast, brightness, and more. Users can export or upload various popular file formats and use common transfer protocols to save captures to local or network repositories.

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