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Ralph Lauren Japan hires to build a stock management app with accurate and fast barcode scanning with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK





Dynamsoft Barcode Reader


Virtual Reality/Barcode Scanning

Key Requirements

  • Scan product barcodes for a large and changing catalog.
  • Allow the users to use their smartphones to scan products and check stock levels in real-time.

Snapshot is a US-based company that develops 360° advanced online VR Virtual Store solutions. They have won multiple awards for its innovation in VR retail technology and have been recognized as a leading player in the industry by prominent business publications. They create high-quality virtual store with e-commerce features for luxury retail brands.

They wished to implement a barcode reading module in their platform solution for one of their clients. The need was to create a solution to scan product barcodes swiftly and accurately during multiple seasonal onsite events to assist the client’s sales and operations teams.

The team at quickly understood that writing the code from scratch would take a lot of time to reach a decent level and would not suit their deadlines. used Dynamsoft Barcode Reader and developed, tested, and deployed the solution in less than two weeks. Ultimately, the solution assisted the end-users by offering them a smooth, intuitive, and much faster scanning experience.


Incorporated to 360tovisit in 2017, is a US-based company specializes in creating fully immersive virtual reality store experiences for retailers across multiple industries including fashion, beauty, home goods, and electronics. Their technology allows customers to explore the store and products in a 360° environment, with advanced features such as product visualization, virtual try-on, and real-time inventory updates.

They established partnerships with leading VR headset manufacturers and e-commerce platforms to ensure seamless integration with existing technologies. They also developed integrated ERP to cover the entire life cycle of a retail store. aims to revolutionize the traditional e-commerce experience by making it more interactive and user-friendly with their virtual store technology. This immersive shopping experience using targeted marketing and omni-channel strategy brings significant outcome for their top-tier clients.

A US-based company that develops 360° advanced online VR Virtual Store solutions.

Won multiple awards for its innovation in VR retail technology

Technical Requirements wanted to create a solution for their client Ralph Lauren Japan to scan product barcodes swiftly and accurately for a large and changing product catalog. Also, another priority was that the users could use their smartphones to scan products and check stock levels onsite in real-time.

However, they did not have the time to write the code from scratch, as it would take months of research and implementation. They wanted a quick solution, and a team of almost ten people in APAC from project management and software development was involved with the overall design of the solution.


The Implementation of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

The team at compared multiple open-source and commercial barcode reader libraries for reliable scanning outcomes. They found Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK’s performance better than most of them and decided to implement it in their solution.

Dynamsoft provided with a thorough user guide for multiple web frameworks. used the Vue framework in their project and integrated Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK at one of the dedicated Stock Management modules in their ERP.

The document reading and coding part were done in a couple of hours. The entire process took less than two weeks, and the solution was ready to deploy.

Return on Investment developed a comprehensive ERP system without investing extra manpower in creating barcode scanning features. As a result, they improved the overall system performance by a much faster scanning experience for the end users.

The users now encounter fewer scanning errors and improve efficiency by not needing to adjust, hold devices, and try multiple times. This smoothens the sales operation, enhancing the customer service experience and resulting in better sales.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK is a software development kit (SDK) that helps developers efficiently build enterprise-grade 1D and 2D barcode reading functionality in a web, desktop, or mobile application. The developers need to write just a few lines of code. This eliminates the time needed for development, testing, and extra resource costs. It is available for multiple platforms including JavaScript, C and C++, .NET, Python, Java, Android, and iOS.

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